You’re putting him where?!

In the mood for salty and sweet? Then look no further...

Mars has unveiled the all-new Pretzel M&M after a few months of an engrossing campaign featuring Orange and Pretzel Guy- "the saltiest comic ever stuck inside a chocolate candy."

Their marketing plan placed great emphasis on social media and sponsorships, and presented a  funny and witty commercial, which generated a huge amount of interest even before its launch. They have been truly successful in being everywhere on the web...




I absolutely love the the creation of the 'Pretzel Guy' character, who not only brings humor to the campaign, but also creates an incomparable bond between Orange, the chocolate candy and himself.

Check out Elizabeth Olson's article on the New York Times, "A Campaign for M&Ms With a Salty Center? Sweet."

All in all, not bad! Kudos to the folks of Mars!


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