‘Rewriting’ history…(The Art of Viral Marketing)

Hats off to the folks of Tipp-Ex. Their most recent campaign, "Hunter shoots a bear", is yet another example of an excellent execution of what we call viral marketing. French agency Buzzman has been responsible of creating an awesome interactive experience, in which users can determine the fate of the bear. Instead of the original "Hunter shoots a bear", people get to "rewrite" (as you do when you use Tipp-Ex) with whichever word they prefer: hugs, eats, dances with, etc...just name your pick.

Andy the hunter wants you to 'rewrite' what will happen to the bear on the Typpexperience Channel

The campaign strives in a positioning  a brand that for many represents a commodity item, specially during the 'back-to-school' period, as well as truly communicating the significance and importance of erasing , hence engrossing the audience on a psychological level.

Even though the number of viewers are pouring in- almost hitting the million mark since its launch on August 25 - some think the it resembles its predecessor far too much- Burger King's Subservient Chicken campaign. Others ask themselves just how many people who flock the internet actually still use pens, much less correction fluid.

All in all, my belief is that they have definately succeded in generating buzz and interactive engagement...and given us a lot of laughs. (Write down 'hugs', it's hilarious)

*Note: Thanks to my friends Fernando Lopez-Quero and Bud Lake for breaking the news for me...you rock!

2 Responses to "‘Rewriting’ history…(The Art of Viral Marketing)"

  • Fer
    September 4, 2010 - 6:20 am

    Thanks Maria Elena, a little debate or question I would like to create…How would you put Tip-ex into the digital era? Could they be the digital eraser somehow? Would it be as a tool in WORD, PDF and other text programs or documents? I find it extremelly dificult.

  • Maria Elena More
    September 6, 2010 - 7:29 pm

    Hola Fer! I agree…I just don’t see how it would be possible or IF it would be of interest to people to associate the act of erasing or rewriting with Typp-Ex, specially if what we are referring to is linked to a completely different market- paper. Even though the act of deletion is done both in writing and on computers, just how much thought do you think people give to that while writing? Could it be possible to “brand” the function of deleting in a computer? It’d be fun to see Tipp-Ex on a computer keyboard instead of the “delete” button, but I’m not sure that would even be considered…
    In my opinion, even though I’m sure people will write with a pen and paper during any given moment during the course of their life, the fact is that we basically talk, write, plan, work and communicate almost completely digitally more and more each day, which makes me even wonder just how much the market of correction fluids could expand during the next few decades.
    However, this idea just popped into my mind: perhaps the folks of Typp-Ex could speak to the software developers and have them rename the “Find and Replace word” on programs such as Word, Excel, etc., and call it “Find and Typp-Ex”…. :)
    What do you think? What would you do?

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