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Sometimes I wonder if we truly grasp the impact social media has had and will have on the way we sell and conduct our lives.  Maybe we'll really notice it in some years when we take a look back at the shift we are witnessing today. The birth of the Internet definitely provided us marketers a new channel through which we could reach out to people, but in the past years, social media has proven to be a whole different story. I personally feel that this phenomenon should mark a "before" and "after" in our philosophies.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine sent me an article that states that we should discard the previous marketing literature we've based our practice on. Could this be true? I couldn't agree more. Yes, the fundamentals are important (for my men Ries, Trout and Gobé will never be obsolete to me), but being aware and embracing new influencers in our clients' behavior is what constitutes the difference between those who are one step ahead of the game and those who are not. That is where our true challenge lies. You might possess the best campaign, but if you are not where people are, forget it. Concept and channel are equally important. And I'll let you on a little secret- this is what makes me fall in love with my profession every single day... the search and discovery of new ways into people's minds and hearts. It's ever-changing and constantly surprising us. So it's time to reboot and refocus our schemes.

Today I stumbled upon this pretty interesting presentation on “Social Media for Business Branding”, by Heidi Miller. I think it's a pretty great step-by-step overview for those who want to get acquainted with the topic.

Check it out:

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