Are you even listening?

Love is a two-way street. And so is business. Word.

Here's a great example of how in this crowded marketplace, many advertisers / companies do all the talking,  but forget to do the listening...

This video was taken from Lee Odden's latest post, 5 Deadly Sins of Corporate Social Media Marketing. In it, he writes: "Ignoring what's important to the people you’re trying to engage will only alienate customers."

The only way to get to know someone is by listening. And here's the catch- you need to make this a long-term philosophy.  Things change and people change, just like the seasons. We need to get with it. The sooner companies understand and value the concept of exchange and interaction, and the sooner they establish it as a mission reflected on all areas of the company, the sooner they'll get ahead of the game. It's no wonder social media has had the success and impact it's had... people want their voice to be heard.

"Now, more than ever, understanding emotional needs and desires people have is the key to success... it's the foundation in creating connections and building relationships. The emotional aspect of products will set the difference and determine the consequent choice of customers and the price they are willing to pay for it."  (Marc Gobé, "Emotional Branding", 2001.)

Let's from ego-centric to customer-centric. Let's go from customers to people. Let's go from contact to dialogue. Let's go from product to bond.

Let's bring the love back.

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