Life on the road and through the lens… (Madrid, Spain)

Hey there!

This week we take our business elsewhere... As I pay my "Madrileños" a visit, I give you some snapshots of stuff I've bumped to along the way...

"You must be joking, right?"

Stumbled upon these cans of soda at the supermarket. Could this be true? Does 7up have a new logo? It sure looks like it. But what looks to be a new attempt on rebranding the iconic soda, seems more of a logo for a private label... Poor design... no emotion whatsoever.

"Traffic Jam"

Awesome product placement of the Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate at Barajas Airport.  Conveniently located next to the security checkpoint , there was no way you could miss it.  Eye-catching and brilliantly executed. How else can you remind the hundreds and thousands of travelers that MB makes the perfect accesory for your traveling needs??

To be continued... Stay tuned for more!

3 Responses to "Life on the road and through the lens… (Madrid, Spain)"

  • RafaelTomasNB
    October 22, 2010 - 8:52 am

    Hello Maria E.,
    You’ve gotta find out more about this new 7up logo, it looks like a cheap copy made by Hacendado. looking forward for more of your postings and i would like to see an article about white brands, just for the fun of it or perhaps to answer one of the questions i always ask my students… is it an the anti-brand trend?
    Keep in touch,

  • Maria Elena More
    October 22, 2010 - 5:04 pm

    Hi Rafa!
    I surely hope it’s not really their new logo, or I suppose we could have yet another “Gap-type” fiasco… I actually saw this in El Corte Ingles, so there’s no way it’s Hacendado, but I get your point. In any case, if it is in fact a private label imitation, I’m surprised the folks of 7up haven’t sued them. It’s a pretty risky move. I’ll do some more research and confirm if it is really their work…
    Thanks for your comment and suggestions!

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