Life on the road and through the lens… (Milan, Italy)


Hello again!

As MTB is out and about, here are some more snapshots of branding all around...

"Location, location, location"


As our plan lands on Milan's Linate airport, can you guess who bids us a nice warm welcome?? Our friend Giorgio, who else?  With the logo all over the runway, there's no way you can miss seeing the giant Emporio Armani sign.  Love the idea- great brand exposure and reinforces the positioning  that Milan has as the ultimate fashion capital of the world.


"Hello Milan"


Our friends from Gap are also hitting Italian soil... Their huge sign smack in the middle of Milan's fashionable center announces their arrival. Best part? Their old logo! Good for them...


"The nightmare is back"


Who can forget that hilarious Heineken commercial a couple of years ago? With the purpose of being the official Halloween sponsor, the Dutch brand has launched a national campaign with a TV spot and printed ads called "The nightmare is back", created by JWT - RMG Connect.  Besides backing 700 parties all throughout Italy, it also is giving away the chance for lucky winners to partake in an exclusive mega party whose location is still a secret. The result has been the generation of buzz all around the brand...


"Toy story"


Introducing Mac's youngest user... As we hit the train from Milan to Lugano, Switzerland, we find ourselves next to a cute and ingenious neighbor who loves Apple's iPad. The bright colors and multi-touch screen provide hours of fun.  Who says that Fisher Price is the only one capable of entertaining our kids? (Seriously, I think there's an excellent market opportunity there. Maybe interesting apps that foster learning could prove to be an important teaching equipment for schools. Take note, Steve!)

That's all for now... We'll keep you posted!

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