Ralph Lauren in a new dimension… literally.


Ralph Lauren takes the world wide web very seriously.  To commemorate 10 years of digital focus and innovation in RalphLauren.com, the company hosted a global event in their flagships of London and New York with the world's first 4 Dimensional experience. A true multisensory extravaganza. A fusion of fashion, art and technology through architectural light-mapping technology, 3D images, sound effects and Ralph Lauren fragrances.

Both videos are available to watch on the page, as well as a "Go behind the scenes" special, featuring interviews about the making-process.

They also include images of the original RalphLauren.com when launched, and a list of groundbreaking moments that took place during the past 10 years in a section called: "A Decade of Digital Innovation. Explore highlights from RalphLauren's.com ten years of digital excellence."

Last but not least, a message from Ralph himself:

"This company has always been about bringing dreams to life - both in our designs and the worlds we create in our stores as well as our advertising. For ten years, RalphLauren.com has allowed us to express these dreams in exciting, new and innovative ways, and I'm very proud of all that we've accomplished. Through the site, I can speak directly to you and share not only my designs, but also my thoughts. It makes my role much more intimate. As we embark on our second decade, join me in the journey to relive and celebrate all that we've created in the last ten years."

Something such as this helps us connect emotionally with him. It gives you a sense that he's hands-on about what he does and that he's interested in being innovative in every area of his company. And one thing's for sure, there is no doubt that the whole experience and campaign has helped nurture and further foster the notion of the brand's orientation and commitment to the digital world and technology. So let me say it: mission accomplished.


* Special thanks to our Venezuelan follower Christian Revilla P. for sharing the news.


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