Football never tasted better….


Call it whatever you want, even if you change the name to the point of bare recognition and rely on the shape of the container to remind yourself who we're talking about...

I wonder what their next step will be, David Beckham as the cartoon? (If that's the case then I'd prefer Iker Casillas...)

I'm guessing that this whole scenario is due to the World Cup celebrated a couple of months ago. See, the problem with excess stock, specially if the product's look-and-feel is pretty seasonal, is that you run the risk of looking ridiculous up on the shelf once it's over. It's the same thing as buying candy or chocolate in May that has last year's Halloween or Christmas wrapping. It makes me feel like I'm eating something ancient.

Don't get me wrong, I  love the idea of associating brands to major events and holidays, but this is were you need to get feisty with the key-account manager. What goes on in the actual battlefield (the supermarket in this case) is equally as important as all your other marketing efforts -PR stunts, advertising campaigns, etc.  Would you actually promote your Nestle's Crunch bar in November with an ad from Valentine's Day? Sure, the goal back then and today is then is the same, to sell, but how does this affect  people's perception of your product??


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