The new side of Durex…

You've got to hand it to them. When it comes to selling a product such as a prophylactic on television, there's only so much you can do. The line between interesting and vulgar is pretty thin. But leave it to the folks of Durex to embrace the challenge. A few years ago, they shocked the world with a viral hit called "Get it on", that encouraged the use of it's products with a comedic twist.

Back in those days, Durex worked on selling a "safe sex" message. The spots generally focused more on the mechanics, rather than the big picture. In consequence, people associated the brand to it's main product, the condom.

Today they want to pitch a whole different ball game. A few days ago, the brand released its latest TV spot that is part of a new campaign, which aims to leverage all of its "enhancement" products, not just condoms. From its previous tagline, "Feeling is everything", the brand wants to shift people's perception with a new positioning- hence the new claim, "Love Sex Durex." With this, the folks of Durex hope to tap into the complete "experience" and use that opportunity to provide more options from its increasing product portfolio.

As Rosie Baker from MarketingWeek puts it, this new brand strapline marks "a shift in strategy from a safe sex brand to an emotional brand... it will help shift perceptions of the brand and drive associations with sexual connnection."

I must say that the new slogan is excellent. It's catchy, easy to remember and its rhyming aspect is extremenly convenient. I do however, miss that old pizzazz that characterized the Durex ads. I mean, does anyone remember the Opera advertisement? Compared to this one, the new version seems like vanilla. There's no shock factor.

I guess it's only a matter of time to see how this one plays out.

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