1 product + 1 day + 1 price = The Perfect Deal

There comes a time when we stumble across something fresh, new and exciting. Something you are positive will leave a lasting impression. So let me go back a moment and start from the beginning…

It’s no secret that we all love to shop great deals. Getting something you want for a great price is a triumph in itself- it accompanies the feeling of satisfaction of actually purchasing the product. The good news is that many companies want to make that happen for us, or at least they give it a shot. Take Walmart, Ikea and Payless. They’ve established this as their business philosophy and imprinted it into all of their processes and strategies.  The nature of the brand revolves around the notion of satisfying a need at an affordable price.

And along came Paco.

The cutest and bluest piggy-bank to hit the world wide web is the living embodiment of a new movement created by the folks of 1DayPrice.com- a young and promising online store that offers 1 product for 1 day at 1 price.* With more than 5,000 fans on Facebook, 5,000 registries and 50,000 users in just a few months since its launch, their founders have succeeded in creating an online community that focuses on the act of saving from a whimsical point of view. From their products, to their written articles on cost-saving tips, the brand revolves around a true commitment towards lower prices. Their goal is not just to sell at better prices, but to live, breathe it and foster its importance.

It all started several months ago with a blog called Que le pasa al cerdito - loosely translated “What’s up with the piggy” - that shared tips on how to lead a cost effective life.  As thousands of users poured in to read the posts and to interact through the blog, they established a bond with Paco.

As the mascot brand took off, that young group of Spanish entrepreneurs prepared the turf for what lied ahead: an online store focusing on selling useful and practical products (mostly electronics, high-design appliances and other home goods) at a great price. With the growth of online business in Spain during the past years – a country that performs more than 90 million transactions a year- the skies looked pretty friendly for these men.

Their first order of business was to study what other companies that compete in this market brought to the table and what they lacked, which led to their business plan: they would establish an online store specifically aimed at lower prices with vast information and pictures on the product, paired-up with the creation on an online community of savvy shoppers that value savings. The new wave of shopping hit the computer screens on October 2010.

A screenshot of the site

Relying from the very beginning on the power of social networks and communities, hence igniting interaction with customers, they were able to position themselves from day one as a company that truly considers the current economic hardships people have. It’s not just selling, it’s committing to the cause.

Why it's great:

Well rounded brand architecture

From a Marketing standpoint, the folks of 1DayPrice have built a solid branding strategy. As my favorite authors Ries and Trout claim in their 5th law of Marketing: The Law of Focus,  “The most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the prospect’s mind.” In their case, that word would be “community” of smart shoppers.

Their brand promise is clear and concise. The most effective of claims are generally geared towards the benefit of the brand. Their name says it all. It’s what drives the purpose, ideas and passion of this organization.

A coherent and consistent brand experience

Their effort in making a website that is user-friendly and easy to read, crisp and clean, is a pure reflection of their shopping process. Easy, swift and no background noise.

Another great aspect is the presence of Paco during the shopping process. With each product, a description is published describing the star of the day, with a writing style that seems as if Paco himself wrote it. As my friend and user of 1DayPrice, Marisa, told me: “I was impressed with the shopping experience. The best part of receiving the product was a letter from Paco himself thanking me for my purchase. It felt personal and very thoughtful.” There is nothing better than having full blown experience with a brand that is coherent in every sense of the word.

Things are the sum of their details. And we must never underestimate them. Make that a commitment in Marketing. When dealing with interactions and the fulfillment of an experience, every detail will speak to the user. An image, a text or description, usability, customer service and many other factors will contribute the user’s associations and perception of the brand. Everything that the company does after that will only reinforce that impression. It can be a deal maker or breaker, and will probably guarantee a return purchase. So my guess is that Marisa probably won’t hesitate the next time she sees something she likes from Paco.

This is the key element the guys of 1DayPrice succeed in. It’s not only about the actual sale, but about the user experience as well. This commitment is as much about the branding as it is about the day-to-day business.

Community and Active Participation on Social Media

Considering the nature of their business- a new product every single day- the folks of 1DayPrice knew their best bet was to rely on the power and aid of social media to get their message across. Consider that you’ve got 24 hours to convince, engage and ultimately sell something.  So not only does this involve a great deal of effort on their part, but it needs to ensure participation from users. Their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti are a pure reflection of the speed the business moves in. If you fall asleep, you’re out.

The support the brand has had has been simply phenomenal. In just a few months, thousands have joined their profiles and are active within them. They check-up on the product of the day, messages and articles Paco has published, and participate in contests for cool Paco Jones merchandise.

So get your pocketbooks ready. You're in for a treat.

All I can say is...¡Enhorabuena!


*From the brand’s claim “1 day, 1 Product, 1 price.”

More than Branding thanks the guys of 1DAYPRICE for their undying support. ¡Un abrazo!


5 Responses to "1 product + 1 day + 1 price = The Perfect Deal"

  • KM
    December 9, 2010 - 2:48 pm

    The piggy is SOO CUTE! I love that idea.

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  • MDM
    December 10, 2010 - 6:41 am

    Congratulations to the group of 1DAYPRICE, the idea is very interesting and catchy. The fact that the “face” of the web-site is Mr. Paco Jones makes it a friendly and approachable brand. Keep it up! Wish you the best!

  • Charlie
    December 10, 2010 - 4:17 pm

    I would like to congratulate this guys for the very interesting project and good execution.

    When will we see Paco dancing arround the rest of the world?


  • Maria Elena More
    December 13, 2010 - 11:52 am

    Hi Charlie! Thanks your message, that’s a great question. You can contact the folks of 1DayPrice at this email: contacto@1dayprice.com. I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer that for you.

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