Google Zeitgeist 2010: A year in Review

They say that statistics are one of the best ways of gathering information on your target audience. It helps you understand their behavior and ultimately their actions towards something specific.  Spanish philospher J. Ortega y Gasset once pronounced in his greatest maxim, "I am I and my circumstances." Who we are and our actions will be are greatly influenced and geared by everything that surrounds us. We cannot be detached from the world, or "circumstances". We are molded by them. So today it doesn't come as a surprise the rise in importance in weekly reports on trends both in Twitter, Facebook and Google. It's a window into society.

This awesome video* by the folks of Google Zeitgeist is not only interesting, in that it captures the spirit of 2010, but also a great brand building opportunity for everyone to see. It fosters the notion of Google's importance in our lives. I mean, who would we be without it?


For the complete analysis on this year's trends- including people, consumer electronics, news, map searches, sport, entertainment, among other things, check out the Zeitgeist 2010 Report.



*Thanks to Cecilia Martinez for sharing the video with us.



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