Product Packaging Reloaded: Heineken’s new iconic bottle

Just a few days ago, we spoke about product design and packaging and its impact in branding. Product design constitutes as a physical representation of a brand’s personality, involving form and function and for many, representing the beginning of the brand experience. Now, more than ever, design is a stamp that clearly defines and differentiates a brand from another. Whatever the style, it will speak to the customer’s mind on many levels, and will serve as tool to measure the level of “glitz and glamour” the product has. I mean, after all, don’t we feel as if having or owning something aesthetically beautiful makes us, by default, beautiful as well? Think about the luxury market. Doesn't ownership equal transference of qualities?

With that in mind, the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand- Heineken- unveiled a new packaging redesign that reinforces its positioning of market leader and commitment to innovation and design. This unified visual identity will be present on all fronts- bottles, glassware and cans- and will be present in 170 markets by the end of 2011. Mark van Iterson, Manager Global Heineken Design & Concept, said: “We believe that with one recognizable bottle the global Heineken brand will be further strengthened.  With uniformity comes even greater impact.”

The new face of Heineken

The new bottle, presented in 5 different sizes instead of 15 as before, features a curved embossment on the neck and revolutionary tactile ink that will provide a better aesthetics and grip, enhancing the overall drinking experience. Other changes include the enrichment of the green color, the iconic red star, and its famous ellipsed curve.

Van Iterson added: “Our consumer focuses on details.  This is why Heineken has dedicated time and resources to this design update, making sure every single element was taken into consideration.  We have looked at each and every packaging detail to ensure our sophisticated consumers feel a subtle but significant difference. Consumer response has been excellent. They see the new design to be modern, appealing and innovative.”

What can we say? Bottoms up!


Check out the TV spot for the Heineken STR- the special edition aluminum bottle:


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