Favorite ‘Flops’ of 2010

They say that "there's no such thing as bad publicity"... well, sort of. There comes a time when even the most disastrous of ads does nothing short of butcher our brand. Viewers may even feel infuriated for having lost those 30 seconds of their lives. Well, we've got to give the brands credit for trying. (or should we?)

In collaboration with advertising exec Rossina Gómez, here are More Than Branding's Favorite 'Flops' of 2010:


Title: "Never say no to Panda"

Oh God, where should I start? Attempting for comedy, the folks of Panda give us a strange and shocking view of what happens when we "say no" to their cheese.


Title: "Cubehead"

The idea that Drench helps sort out our mixed-up head may border on repulsive.


Title: "Finger Skate"

Being different should not mean losing your glamour. This 2 min spot falls short of making a point that validates the reason why a pair of fingers would run around on a skateboard. Is there a point to all this? Not even a claim anywhere. Good sound effects, though.


JG Wentworth
Title: "Bus Opera"

A ride on the bus that aims for comedy but ends up being a bit ridiculous.

Title: "A pep talk in every drop"

The folks of Halls know the secret to becoming a hero. Wierdest pep talk on the face of the earth.


Title: "Stop reusing catheters"

Voted as one of the worst ads of 2010, this spot from Liberator feels phony and just plain creepy.


Title: "Wow, that's a low price"

A bit over-the-top, perhaps?


Title: "Anytime"

One word: Disturbing. Seriously.


Title: "The Ecclestone Hublot Ad"

Hublot wants us to see what people are capable of doing in order to get their hands on their watch. Not too pretty. Check out our complete review on the campaign here.









New logo

Hands down to the biggest fiasco of the year. The company introduced their new logo on October, only to find to a massive outpour of harsh criticism from media and fans of the brand. To make matters worse, they "invited" people to send in their ideas for a new logo, generating even worse comments. It was only a matter of days before they reinstated the old logo, thankfully. Read our published review on the matter, here.







Title: "A date with Brad, Brian and Trevor"

Originally concocted as a viral marketing scheme, the folks of Stayfree created a campaign with three videos that revolved around a date with a guy, who in the middle of dinner, starts talking about Stayfree pads. Talk about a date gone horribly wrong. The campaign became such a laughingstock, the company removed every trace of it... All that's left is a couple of pictures.






How about you? Found any interesting 'flops' we might have missed? Let us know!


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