The art of transformation: Mercedes-Benz

No car company exemplifies the concept of innovation and transformation like Mercedes-Benz. As I often mention, with purchase comes transfer of brand values. You immediately embody the qualities that define a symbol. A Mercedes is not just any automobile purchased by a customer, it represents a change and evolution within a man. Call it a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of self-worth. The act of self-improvement.

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS and its TV spot hit that philosophy instilled by Karl Benz more than 125 years ago right on the mark. Not only does the ad give us a look into the new model (which is simply stunning to say the least), but it brings to the table that concept that I absolutely love about brands: the art of transforming those who own it. Just as a Mercedes-Benz model changes and improves through time, so does man.


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