Apple iPhone: ‘Two is better than One’

Following the launch of Verizon's spot communicating the iPhone's arrival to the company, Apple also joins in to flaunt the use and quality of both connections. With a side-by-side comparison, the spot shows how two hands hold and play with the phone at exactly the same speed while surfing the Internet, looking at pictures, reading, listening to music, among other things. With no voice-over whatsoever, you're only told at the very end, "Two is better than one."

With identical hands moving at exactly the same time and in the same way - perhaps symbolizing that an iPhone is the same and can be used in the same manner no matter who's holding it -  Apple attempts to transmit the equalness of their function and put to rest any worries and rumors of difference in speed and coverage amongst AT&T and Verizon.

An Internet user wrote:

 "Nice! Apple does the politically correct advertisement. Let's the carriers fight it out amongst themselves. Probably a smart move."

 The iPhone 4 will be launched at Verizon's network on February 4.

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