May “The Force” of VW be with you…


Tiny magic hands, John Williams and a Darth Vader suit. That's all you need to sell a car. Or to summon it, I suppose we could say...

Volkswagen America recently unveiled two new ads for the all-new Passat and for the 2012 Beetle that are scheduled to run during this year's Super Bowl. Agency Deutsch L.A. Inc. teamed up with Lucasfilm Ltd. to produce "The Force", a commercial that features a child dressed as Darth Vader trying to use his powers to invoke the things around him. That is, until he manages to finally to do so. And when he does, boy, is that funny...

Three things I find interesting about this particular spot:

'Tis all about the angle from which you tell things:  

Consider that VW was actually not the first to come up with the "remote start" feature in an automobile- other brands such as Lexus were ahead of the game in that particular aspect. But just because you were not the pioneer and inventor of an attribute, does not mean that when the time comes for you to implement it, the impact and outcome can't be as effective.  The way you say things is just as important as what you say. Focusing on the delivery of a message might take people's mind off the timing in which you brought something to the table.


There are several things being told to us in the commercial. My take is that VW is attempting to permeate to an upper middle class and does so by sending out a message through what seems as a "picture perfect" family...  A bright and suburban home with a child that is loved by his parents in their own way- the mom cooking for him and the dad looking forward to hugging him after a day at work- the relationship between them both... the folks of VW want to make the new Passat an aspirational product. Here's what I read on the VW USA website: "The people want German luxury sedans without the German luxury price tag... Premium without the premium." Enter the new Passat.

Star Wars:

I couldn't help but notice the use of the Darth Vader character... Is it a mere coincidence that the Star Wars saga is being revamped and re-launched a few months from now? Perhaps Lucas saw this as the perfect way to start firing up the engine from an early stage and getting everyone to start talking about the iconic character. Whatever the reasons, all I can say is that it was one heck of an cameo for millions to watch during the Super Bowl... excellently played.

The second vid, called "Black Beetle", is the first look into the new Beetle- the 21st Century Beetle to be exact- through computer generated images that show the petite animal running and out-performing all the other animals he bumps into... A bit of foreshadowing perhaps?


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