Building a brand through color: ‘Let’s Colour Project’


A friend of mine just recently introduced me to this interesting initiative called the "Let's Colour Project",  launched by international paint manufacturer, Dulux.  The brand joined forces with Coral, Marshal, Flexa and Dulux Valentin in order to create a global movement around the concept of color.  This program consists of volunteers who travel to different parts of the world in order to envigorate cities with a fresh coat of paint. Starting in Brazil, the color movement has visited countries such as France, UK, India, China, Turkey, South Africa and The Netherlands. The project captures the act of coloring spaces all over the world on their blog Let's Colour Project Blog, dedicated to "all things colour"....

RSCG Euro London launched this inspirational video called "Let's Colour", which presents a series of painting events in the UK, France, Brazil and India:

The project is an amazing platform for social reponsibility and proves you can foster a magical experience with any product.  It reassures people the importance and value of color, even beyond that which covers our walls and streets. It goes to show the fabulous ways you can create a world around your brand and change it at the same time. An experience all-together.

"Together, we can change whatever we want. Together, we can add a simple splash of colour, which will really show the power it has to inspire us all. It doesn’t matter if it’s your bedroom wall or your local school. Everyone can be part of it." (


* Special thanks to Ernesto Matos for his input.


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