Favorite Super Bowl Ads of 2011

There's nothing like the Super Bowl in the life of a marketing and advertising junkie. We look foward to it just like we do to Christmas. It's a fun-fest for those of us who get our kicks by seeing what brands have come up with and where they are headed towards to...

This year's Super Bowl season was nothing short of groundbreaking. With the help of social media, ads reached a higher level of audience, created more buzz and made a higher impact, before, during and even after the show. Sites such as Youtube have made it possible for people to watch these ads from every corner of the globe and at any given time. And what's best, we now have an idea of our impact in real time. It's the beggining of a new era. The social era. Now we can leverage our popularity and enforce our brands like never before.

"SuperBowl XLV goes down in history as the year social media disrupted the drama of analog, linear advertising and replaced it with an ongoing conversation available before, during and after.", Sheila Shayon from Brandchannel comments on Super Bowl XLV: The Social Media Replay.

 Here are More Than Branding's favorite Super Bowl Ads of 2011:


Title: "The Force"


Title: "Imported from Detroit"


Title: "Pug Attack"

Pepsi Max

Title: "Love hurts"

 Chevy Camaro

Title: "Miss Evelyn"


Title: "Borders"

Sports Authority & NFL

Title: "Pass the Good"


Title: "Parking Lot"

Best Buy

Title: "What's a Bieber?"

Can't wait for next year!!


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