Ad Watch: Audi, Hallmark and Sony PS3



Title: "Robot"

DDB Barcelona's latest spot for the Audi A4 hits the bullseye with an approach that carries a fantastic message and a character that generates an emotional bond. The execution triggers immediate admiration, respect and aspiration for the brand. It allows the car to shine on its own instead of resorting to face-to-face comparisons as we’ve been seeing.

Subtle seduction resulting in utter brilliance.


Title: "Mornings"

The new Hallmark spot is the living embodiment of the company's new positioning focusing on life and its special occasions. Not only is the brand embracing new formats and expanding its product line,  it's also shifting towards a strategy that embraces those "little moments", instead of just big milestones. The new campaign gives Hallmark an excellent chance to be present in countless moments during a year, providing new selling opportunities and more presence in the life of someone.

Sony PS3

Title: "Kids"

Few words are needed to grasp the message and understand the power, emotion and realism of the PS3. Simple, yet very effective.

Sometimes less is definitely more.


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