25 logos that will fire you up…

LOGO: symbol that represents a brand and serves as the face on its packaging, stationary, signage, advertising, or any other representation that defines a company name in the marketplace.  

Simply put,  a logo is a visual manifestation of a name. It's an icon that carries the meaning of the brand it's associated with.

Logos date back to the 1800s, when large-scale production and advancements in manufacturing let to the selling of products in home markets as well as in distant locations. Considering many customers were unable to read, marketers used symbols in order for people to understand and identify a brand where sales presence was not existent. Through the years, the use of logos has become a must-have and that which marks and transmits a company's personality and essence.

To start off the week, More Than Branding brings you 25 of the hottest logos taken from LogoPond.com:


 1. Godiva Books

By: Itsgareth

2. Pilgrim

By: Sbdesign

3. Passenger Productions

By: Oxide


4. Chad 2010


By: Dan-Design


5. Wake Cup


By: Mads Burcharth


 6. Generations Celebration


By: Orka


7. Noise Floor

By: Helvetic Brands


8. Rural Arts East


By: Firebrand


9. Airth


By: Pacmanb


10. The Imaginary Zebra


By: Benson


11. Rastaman


By: Designer



12. Bulgarian Food Safety Agency


By: Pacmanb


13. Solve Design Studio


By: Virguard



14. Brand your Genius


By: Wizemark

 15. Ozfrica

By: Cerise

16. Bullshit goes Here

By: Itsgareth


17. Pohto

By: Designer


18. Bacara Resort & Spa


By: Joseph Blalock



19. Nest Coffee Lounge


By: Jerron

20. Found Customer


By: Matt

 21. Roostar


By: Logomotive

22. African Tradition

By: Helvetic Brands


23. Otis Foundation


By: Cerise



24. Toronto Bodyworks


By: Tdf


25. Abibok



It's hard for us today to imagine a brand without a logo. Its face is the perfect transcription of the values and personality that make up an organization. Mastering the art of corporate identity design is a tough and beautiful task which entails careful craftsmanship, originality and the creation of bonds that surpass geography and language...

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