PosteItaliane moves us with “Perche tu mi piaci” (Because I like you)


There is an inevitability to everything that surrounds us in life. As Heraclitus once said, "Everything flows; nothing stays the same..." - there is nothing more certain than change itself.

From the telegraph to the electronic mail, advancements in communication have been nothing short of extraordinary and life-altering. In just 100 years, we have all witnessed its transformation and impact, that which has exceeded any of our expectations. Technology is indeed closing the breach of geography and time...

PosteItaliane's latest spot pays homage to the act of writing things down on paper... Even though reality dictates the influence of electronic interaction more and more each day, there is a universal truth lying underneath: If you write it, it lasts. The series of spots intend to reach us on an emotional level and try to keep the spirit of communication via paper alive, even though the future predicts otherwise.

The video was soon followed by the "response" of the girl:

The campaign's website,, let's you personalize and dedicate the videos to a loved one. You can either send it by e-mail or postage.

Interesting initiative and beautiful execution...

* Special thanks to my sister Maria del Mar, who sent me both videos and to whom I dedicate this post to...

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