Academy “Ad-wards” 2011

There's a famous phrase that goes, "Better late than never", and well, we thought it appropriate to commence today's post...

This year's Oscar ceremony was predicted no different than those of years before- the glitz and glamour that surrounds this event is synonymous with great ads that bring us wonderful messages, celebrities and awesome executions. But, not everything can meet its expectations. Reruns from this year's Super Bowl and even some spots that date further back with nothing that related to the Oscars itself, left us wishing for more...

Nevertheless, here is More Than Branding's Top 5 Oscars Ads of 2011:


5. Hyundai

Title: "Owner's Manual"

Interesting use of co-branding with an unexpected twist gives Hyundai a modern look-and-feel by being one of the first auto-makers to feature the iPad as an owner's manual.


4. Mercedes-Benz

Title: "Welcome"

Mercedes-Benz celebrates 125 years with this family reunion that surprises even the most loyal of customers.


3. Diet Coke

Title: "Stay Extraordinary"

Excellent use of music that leads to a fantastic view on the life of its drinkers.


2. Mercedes-Benz

Title: "Triumphant"

The German car-maker hits it right out of the ballpark with this inspirational insight.

1. Hyundai

Title: "Childhood"

Fresh, witty and top-of-the-notch art direction provide an amazing look into Hyundai's new Elantra.


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One Response to "Academy “Ad-wards” 2011"

  • MDM
    March 7, 2011 - 2:20 pm

    WOW!!!! Cool article!!! Both Mercedes Benz commercials were amazing…but the “Triumphant” one gave me goose bumps!!! Also the Diet Coke with “Sweet Disposition” makes you understand that Diet Coke is in all types of moments…good one!

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