Converse: Building a brand through PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads

I recently came across this great iniciative by the folks of the ever-so popular brand, Converse, entitled "Converse Domaination", aimed at tying themselves to what people care about and what interests them while searching the web.

Through the study of insights, they use Google Ad Words as a platform that lets the tap to any given moment in culture by becoming relevant and fostering 'converse-ations', rather than selling.

The campaign is an excellent example of propagation planning, a concept that has increased in importance during the last few years, because it puts influencers in the limelight, reaching a tier of people beyond those your agency directly connects with*, hence allowing brands to immerse themselves in culture and link themselves to what matters to audiences.

Check out the video for the whole scoop:

* From "Propagation Planning", by


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