Ad Watch: Veja Magazine, Fiat, Disney and Saucony


Veja Magazine

Title: "Veja Magazine- iPad"

How do products change the way we use things? The new Veja Magazine ad announcing its new iPad app is a perfect example of the impact things have in our lives and how some products even change our behavior patters. It reminds me of my mother, who touches the screen of my BlackBerry every time she holds it thinking it works just like her iPhone.

It's a simple, yet effective approach to what Veja has to communicate, and not to mention a window into the influence touch screen is having in our lives. It gives you a taste of what the generations to come will find as something completely natural.



Title: "Get ready"

Who said products were the only ones to get ready for a launch? This great montage mirroring the similarities between our lives and the preparations of the Fiat models are even further leveraged with this cool soundtrack.

No words are needed to convey the feeling of excitement, only images.



Title: "Star Tours- Darth Vader goes to Disneyland"

As part of the new Star Tours, Disney launched this spot that features none other than Darth Vader and a couple of his Stormtroopers. The fearsome character and his posse arrive at the park for the tour only to find it temporarily closed. A hilarious way of seeing the charming and sweet side of the infamous ad lord.



Title: "What is Strong?"

Saucony, manufacturer of athletic gear, embraces the concept of strength in this ad entitled, "What is strong?". Through the use of bold imagery and interesting copy, the spot dives deep into the values of  sportsmanship and physicality.

"Strong is all you have left when you have used up all your weak." In the end, it's not the bones and muscles that get you through the finish line, it's the mental strength. Powerful and inspiring, all rolled into one.