A Brand in Motion: Gatorade

As I've mentioned before and will never stop saying, a brand should resemble what the mind does, which is evolve. I mean, where would we be if it weren't for the desire to change and create new experiences?

I recently bumped into this awesome video that gives us a look into the current evolution of Gatorade. The iconic brand, alongside creative agency Tether, made this 4 minute window that captures the essence of what  everyone should do- move forward. I had a chance to visit their website and found this great quote that I wanted to share with you: "The love between a person and a brand doesn't just happen. It has to be nurtured. From the inside out. With stories that matter." Beautiful.

Here's the vid, enjoy!


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  • Edgar
    June 16, 2011 - 12:30 pm


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