Generation Text: How texting is changing the way we communicate (Infographic)

It's always interesting to see how things change who we are and our behavior patterns. For better or worse. The truth is, focusing on the use and relationship between technology and people is something we can't shy away from. It's a part of us and it's here to stay.

Marketing is a trade of change. Sure, there are many constants that will forever be a principle among us, but the truth is that the vehicles of communication are forever altering and defining our skill. Understanding and jumping on the train will be what sets us apart from those who are still riding in the wagon behind. Our job will be to recognize and acknowledge these new channels and use them to speak to our customers.

Generation text is a term referring to those members of society who have grown up with cell phones from a young age. Furthermore, it can be applied to adolescents and teenagers who feel that they are unable to function without a cell phone. - Wikipedia

Sound familiar?

Check out this Infographic by Lab 42 and find out how this generation handles the age-old concept of communication.


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