Faster than a speeding bullet: The rise of Twitter (Infographic)


In just a wee-bit more than 5 years, the San Francisco start-up turned social media giant is celebrating its 200 millionth Twitterer.

Since its conception, Twitter had a clear definition- to be a social networking and 'micro-blogging' site that would allow users to send updates under the confinement of 140 characters. The result today has been nothing short of mind blowing. Twitter has become a universal platform that instantly brings us news from all over the globe, allowing us to stay connected with brands, celebrities and friends in ways we never thought possible.

Its growth is a reminder of the amazing possibilities in our field that make us go ever further when it comes to consumer-centric relationships, especially since it helps us connect with people in a more direct and instant way.

As Charlie White said, "And now that Jerry Seinfeld has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, it reminds us that the little tweeting platform that was once about nothing, well, now it’s about something. Something big. One thing’s for sure: It’s changed the world."


Check out this Infographic by the folks of


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