Find a brand’s soul and reveal its “truth”


How do we make a brand come to life? The answer is very simple.

Wieden + Kennedy, Ad Age's 2010 Agency of the Year, relies on a fundamental philosophy: find the brand's soul and reveal it's truth.

The firm that brought us the tagline "Just do it", with clients such as Coca-Cola, Old Spice, Nike, P&G, Target, Converse, to just name a few, and offices that roam the earth as far as Tokyo, Delhi, Sâo Paulo, Amsterdam and NYC, has become the most awarded agency in the world.

Agency partner, John Jay, considered one of the most creative people in the business, comments that in order to create good advertising, we must be good listeners and uncover what the brand's truth is. Understanding who and what they are and how their soul is relevant to people is the first step into breaking out of silos and allowing us to define them by these terms.

He also stresses the importance of getting out of our comfort zones. Going out on the street and living the culture, as opposed to having others tell us about it, lets us truly understand how people think and paves the way for better brand strategies.


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