The Brands with the highest Customer Loyalty of 2011, by Brand Keys

Customer loyalty is a luxury not every brand is fortunate of possessing. In today's crowded marketplace, in which few brands stand out and much less spark up the desire for purchase, companies that earn the return-on-purchase are sitting on a winning lottery ticket. Knowledge, engagement and loyalty are factors so vital to the health and ultimate outcome for brands that strive to develop lasting bonds with the public. Having a high number of faithful customers guarantees companies higher profits and less investment in the recruiting of new clients, considering it costs 7 times more to obtain a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Agency Brand Keys focuses on a modern approach into the world of research when it comes to brands and their level of loyalty.  By employing a "consumer-listening system", they have been able to offer clients an exact grid on where brand equity, top of mind and choice lies for more than 20 years.

According to them, leveraging customer loyalty will be the primary means by which the most competitive companies will break away from the pack.

Their annual publication- the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index- studies consumer's relationship with more than 500 brands in 79 categories. The results are based on psychological assessments that reveal the values that drive behavior and importance rating of categories, attributes, benefits and values. They pin-point the elements of loyalty for the category.

Here are this year's winners per category: (in red)



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