The Beauty of Change: Disruption (Infographic)


It's always a pleasure to witness how some brands change the course of history. They have the ability of shaking things up even when it all seemed said and done. They take the industry to a whole new dimension.

It was only in my first year of college when I came across Jean-Marie Dru's classic book entitled "Disruption." It stuck with me ever since. Advertising executive and Chairman of TBWA Worldwide is best known for this strategic concept that has become the heart of a philosophy capable of redefining market strategies and shifting perceptions. It's based in the pursuit of the unconventional, the extraordinary and the memorable. “Disruption is a manner of questioning the way things are, of breaking with what has been done and seen before, of rejecting the conventional. Its name implies the idea of rupture, of non-linearity, a before and after in the life of a brand.”

In order to succeed in the crowded marketplace, you must rely on intuition, imagination and above all, innovation.  It's just as he puts it: brands must be an agent of change.

In this infographic by we can see how 7 companies uniquely shifted the rules of the game. Shakers that have lead to a profound change capable of altering the market and forcing others to rethink their strategies. "They write the new rules of competition. They understand that change is an engine for growth."

I can't help but wonder, who will come up with the next disruptive idea and what will it be?



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