12 Hilarious Cartoons on Marketing and Advertising

Tom Fishburne has been doodling ever since he can remember. Upon reaching business school, he found himself drawing on the back of his books while studying and attending classes. It was only a matter of time until his professors asked him to illustrate cartoons as visual aids for their teaching courses and their business cases. They were the perfect mix of humour and wit.

His experience as a marketer and his artistic talent gave him an ability to communicate business concepts in a powerful manner through the use of storytelling. On his website, The Marketoonist, he delivers insightful cartoons that illustrate the behaviour in organizations and that touch ground on subjects such as brands, management, creativity, innovation and design, to just name a few.

He has been featured in Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Fast Company and developed cartoon campaigns for brands such as Microsoft, Boeing, Harvard Business School, among others.

To those of you in marketing and advertising, jump-start the weekend with these 12 cartoons that simply a hoot: (and perhaps a mirror of our day-to-day life?)














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    good stuff. go on posting more.

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