The Language of Advertising (Infographic)


As I've probably mentioned a million times before, the beauty of our profession lies in the power we exert on the mind. The way people classify, associate and ultimately behave towards a brand heavily depends on the associations that are created with everything that revolves around its messages. Copywriters play a key role when it comes to creating a language that incites a positive response from those who come in contact with an ad- no matter the format.

This Infographic - and you know how I love them - called "Word Play", exposes some interesting findings on topics such as the most frequently used adjectives and verbs in ads, memorable slogans and the different techniques applied to brand claims. All in all, pretty interesting if you ask me.

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  • Maria del Mar
    November 14, 2011 - 6:56 pm

    Me encanto el grafico!

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