Versace pulls the strings on the new H&M spot


It's bold, it's bizarre and it's hers.

With the pulling of a few stings, and I mean literally, Dontella Versace announces her new line of clothes designed for the world-renowned Swedish brand Hennes & Mauritz, or how we've grown to call it, H&M. Through an ad that is being said to have allusions of the Illuminati,  we find our mastermind manipulating an army of girls that are mass-produced on a machine, and who surprisingly, look exactly like her. "My house, my pleasure." is her only line.

The new spot, featuring the winter collection for 2011, is a clear depiction of an undeniable truth when it comes to the fashion industry- it has the unmistakable ability to shape desire and behavior. However, some seem to find it's imagery a bit too stereotypical and obvious, and not to mention a mockery.

I was, in fact, puzzled by the underlying message. Instead of being different because you wear the line, what happens is the complete opposite, you lose your identity. When you purchase you will be inheriting the brand attributes that pertain to Versace, I get that, but to go as far as to mold us into marionettes?

What do you think about the spot? Love it or hate it?


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