AMC’s new series “The Pitch”, on the business of advertising


It all starts with the pitch.

Following the success of Mad Men, AMC is bringing us the glitz and drama of the advertising world with a new show called "The Pitch", that will air with a sneak preview on April 8th. The unscripted series will chronicle the deadlines and hustle-and-bustle of ad agencies when they set out to find new business. With only 7 days to prepare their creative and strategic proposal, we'll see what it's like when ad men go head-to-head for clients.

The agencies pitching each week will be: The Ad Store, Bandujo, BooneOakley, Bozell, Conversation, DIGO, FKM, Jones Advertising, Kovel/Fuller, McKinney, Muse Communications, SK+G, The Hive, WDCW and WOMENK!ND, and will be presented in a documentary style fashion, in order to capture the high stakes experienced during the process. Some of the brands that will be featured include: Frangelico/Campari, the Subway restaurants, Benjamin Frankilin Plumbing, Mister Sparky, among others.

"Advertising is really the idea business, but with incredibly high stakes; and Studio Lambert has captured, in a very feature doc style, just how hard it is to come up with a great idea, only to walk into a room and have it all ride on The Pitch." says Joel Stillerman, Executive Vice President of Original Programming for AMC.

Look out Don Draper fans. The shiz just got real.



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