11 Mouthwatering Menu Designs


When it comes to a good ol' night out on the town, nothing beats a fabulous dinner. And if you're like me, chances are you'll notice every aspect a restaurant has to offer - concept, service, music -  but especially the menu. You see, when it comes to restaurant branding, menu design speaks volumes.

Eating out is not just about satisfying a need, it's about the experience itself. For many restaueurs, menu design is as important as the food. In the end, it's not just about what you offer; it's about how you offer it. Every detail counts. Menus, which play an important role in the portrayal of the concept of a restaurant, are also a great way to imagine the quality of the food. Functionality, tone, legibility are all essential - for they are one of the most fundamental aspects when it comes to your "brand" package - constantly seen by your customers.

In light of that fact, here's a list of enticing menus for you to enjoy:


Barcelona, Spain.

The King's Men

Applecross, Australia.



Philadephia, USA.


Gallo Pinto

Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.



Mathias Dahlgren Restaurant

Stockholm, Sweden


Axis Café

San Francisco, USA.


Schiller's Liquor Bar

New York, USA.

Ministro 1153

Sao Paulo, Brazil.






Medellín, Colombia


For Enden Af Gaden

Viborg, Denmark



Here's a collection of vintage menus from Jericl Cat's Flickr accout: (Check out his profile for more)





* Credits to: Freddy Janna/Gallo Pinto Café, DesignTaxi, Behance, Art of the Menu , Jericl Cat.

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