Favorite players in the 2012 London Olympics


A week after the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, it's hard not to miss what was two weeks of great sportsmanship and brand coverage. For you see, I'm a sucker when it comes to this. There's a part of me that simply loves the celebration of man's achievements, while honoring a tradition that has been part of us over centuries. With London serving as a terrific host, brands pulled up their sleeves and made the best from an opportunity that arises once every four years. It was time to amp up the volume and turn up the heat. Especially when it came to new marketing platforms such as social media. (Read our post "Which brand gets the gold in the 2012 Olympic Games" for more.) 

So after all was said and done, here are my favorite brand performances all throughout the games. From ambush marketing, to traditional TV commercials, to brilliant copyrighting, these were the players who grabbed the gold:


Visa has been a worldwide sponsor of the games since 1986, and made a great effort in reinforcing the concept of "Go",  engrained in its positioning statement a few years back. "When we come together, to cheer as one, well... we know what happens." The ads' general tone, color and Morgan Freeman's unmistakable voice make the series unforgettable. 



Who can leave out this phenomemon? Nike has always leveraged in the force behind the man, the strength and will to move foward towards greatness. What better way of commemorating the event by celebrating everyday heroes?


Hands down to my favorite campaign in this year's Olympics, by far. The emotional, tear-driven stories behind the athletes are only enriched by a fascinating insight on which the ads were cemented upon: mothers. (Honestly, you'll need a box of Kleenex for this, I mean it.) Indeed, who would have thought you could connect a laundry detergent and a dish soap brand to man's most celebrated sporting event? 

Besides these two vids, the brand also released a series dedicated to different athletes from all over the world in different sports - swimming, gymnastics, volleyball - the list goes on. It's a brilliant tribute not only to the Olympic stars, but also to the women who got them to where they are now.

Here are a few of them, but make sure to check out the complete "Raising an Olympian" series:



One of the most noted (and controversial) brands during the Olympics was none other than Beats, by Dr. Dre. The personalized headphones were strategically handed out to athletes, who in no time wore them everywhere. This technique, called "ambush marketing" is illustrated by Tom Fishburne in his cartoon called "The Power of Ambush Marketing."  Unfortunately, according to Pocket-Link, participants were banned from wearing them and were only allowed to sport headphones from Panasonic, official sponsor of the games. Who cares? The attention and buzz around the brand played out beautifully.


Google's daily doodles honoring the games were a daily dose of remarkable. They ranged from tributes to athletes, to sports competitions - from simple illustrations to interactive games. With a total of 17, here are my top 4 favorites, two of which were interactive and hits in computers screens all over the world.

Interactive: Click here to play

Interactive: Click here to play

Honestly, four years seem far too long for another Olympics, but hey, what can I do? Maybe I can pick up a sport in time for Rio. Archery, perhaps?

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