Marketing… With a Little Help From Technology


It's no secret that technology has exponentially modified the way we inhabit this world and our interaction with it. It is certainly a powerful generator of extraordinary experiences and a solid link between us and our imagination, allowing people to materialize fantastic moments produced by brands.

The use of the technological resources that have been developed enable disciplines such as marketing to explore alternative paths and generate a synergy in the mind amidst every executed action. These tools have become more advanced, complex and fascinating, thereby reaching new depths of the imagery held in our mental cells, suddenly released to land in a world that transcends the incredible.

Therefore, it is our obligation as strategists, marketers and advertisers to have a vivid imagination alongside the technological advances of today. We also have the challenge of surprising the consumer -  an increasingly difficult task  in  this day in age - in which we tend to think that we have seen everything,  and our sense of wonder is limited as our senses encounter new experiences generated by brands.

The adoption of advanced technologies has an impact on different levels for brands, which provide certain benefits that cannot be ignored:


Through the use of technology, brands are much closer to their current and potential consumers. The ubiquity provided by these tools nowadays is impressive: mobile technology, activations, geolocation, ambient marketing, and other BTL executions. However, it is essential to choose the right timing and moments of high impact in order to generate a more effective and truly influential persuasion.


With resources such as augmented reality, QR codes, advergaming and mobile marketing, consumers are directly involved in activities that require an interaction around the benefits offered by a brand. This, in turn, allows for an immediate response through an actions that are purely untraditional, fun and interesting for the consumer if well done.


Due to the direct and instant characteristic  of marketing activities based on high technology, the feedback we get is equally fast, and reliable. Consumers can express their thoughts and feelings about a brand, promotion or specific activity, especially considering the influence of Social Media, which can be monitored with the use of certain tools, offering a clearer and accurate appreciation of our brand out there in the market.


One of the main benefits of technology in marketing is the design and development of metrics that are far more accurate, fast and veracious. These tools, many of which are used for promotional campaigns or activities, are equipped with instruments that measure results and are customizable and modifiable in scope and in segments as well as in intervals.


Nowadays, and thanks to technology, the possibilities of organizations to work on its branding are far wider; creating awareness and engagement through experiences is easier as one develops and operates an identity based a relationship that involves the customer. 


Another aspect of technologies that is canonically acknowledge is that they exist to simplify life. A brand that holistically adopts these resources has an opportunity to automate both processes of production and distribution - and generates a competitive advantage. It facilitates decision-making to consumers, simplifies their points of contact, and is able to develop products and services that make their life easier.


A counterparty that involves the use of technology is the level of commitment that is acquired, ie, the need for brands to sustain and not desist from the use thereof. Consistency and continuity, as any marketing practice, allows a deeper understanding and involves a discipline and a mentality prone to experimentation and exploration in order to find new ways and methods of generating experiences.

The use of technology in this industry is essential, not only for promotional strategies, but even for other marketing processes: product development and design, payment systems, technical support and customer service, evaluation and measurement results, research, segmentation, internal communication, endomarketing and a long list of factors involved in the business activities of a brand.

From the simplicity of a QR code to the complex and controversial application of neuromarketing, brands have at their disposal a wide range of tools to generate a profound influence on the customer.

Marketing strategies must become stories, and strategists must become their creator. Technology is nothing without imagination. A mind develops it, and another one learns to apply it and take it to the next level, breaking the passivity of outdated marketing and the traditional strategies that have absolutely no effect on today's consumer.

2 Responses to "Marketing… With a Little Help From Technology"

  • Andrea Pallares
    September 4, 2012 - 1:30 pm

    Great examples! I think technology should be seen as a helpful tool, not the goal of strategy.

  • Gerardo Ponce
    September 5, 2012 - 12:05 am

    Excelent post, technology is a great complement of every marketing strategy. There are many powerful tools for analyze the Interaction, Feedback, Metrics, Branding, Simplification, Commitment, etc. as you mention in the post. But for me the most important thing in Marketing will be always the strategy.

    Congrats y keep posting.


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