The 2012 Country Brand Ranking, by Bloom Consulting


Strategy consulting firm specialized in country branding and business strategy, Bloom Consulting, has issued the 2012 Country Brand Ranking. The company, founded in 2003 and based in Spain, implements a unique methodology using variables in order to position the countries based on facts and mathematical algorithms. "The methodology measures the coherency between the external messages of a country and its actual economic performance under a certain period of time. The higher a country is on the list, the better they are compared to their competitors, in positioning themselves to attract either Foreign Direct Investment or tourists." (Wikipedia)

The study measured the effectiveness of more than 160 countries and their overall branding strategy, by accompanying hard data - economic performance and growth - as well as its impact on its brand strategy. Furthermore, the ranking includes an Online Search Demand (OSD), which evaluates the gap between what countries are promoting versus what investors and tourists are demanding.


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