Road to Cannes Series: Notes from Cannes Lions 2013


60 seminars. 17 workshops. 30 forums. 10 master classes. 9 techtalks. The Cannes Lions was nothing short of one hectic and fascinating fiesta. From industry gurus, clients, journalists, to even artists - each presentation inspired new ideas through in-depth insights into key issues that influence the creative process across the entire communications industry.

The following PDF presents my notes on some of my favorite presentations during the program.

But first off, here's a brief description of what was each seminar:

"You can't trust Marketers", by Adobe

History has bestowed upon marketers and advertising professionals descriptives such as "masters of manipulation." Not anymore. A new era is upon us, one in which marketers now analyze and prove campaign success in a way that has transformed this professional into one of the most valued partners in the organization. By pushing authenticity in brand management, creativity is at an all-time high.

"Work that Matters", by the Coca-Cola Company 

For 127 years, The Coca-Cola Company's investment in creativity has transformed it to the world's most compelling and successful brand, through the creation of work that has actually made a difference in our world. This commitment to creative value and content is present in everything they do - no matter the country. 

"Every company is a media company: We create media, and then media shapes our lives", by Cheíl

Today, technology plays an fundamental role in how we communicate with each other and brands. But more than anything, in the way we ourselves create content and share it across the globe.  Brands have a golden opportunity to influence consumers no matter the touchpoint, and become, within itself, into a media and entertainment company. Bottom line? Media is everywhere people and ideas meet.

"Iconic storrytelling frame by frame: Annie Leibovitz, Disney and McGarryBowen", by McGarryBowen

Inspired in the "Disney Dream Portraits Series", the folks of McGarryBowen shared the importane of imagery when it came to building this iconic brand.

"Creativity at Scale", by Facebook

In this presentation, the team from Facebook alongside creative genius  David Droga, explored the importance of scale when it comes to creativity.

"Branded Content", by Time Warner

CNN's Anderson Cooper and comedian Conan O'Brien sat down for a one-to-one session on what connects in comedy. By leveraging digial and social media tools, he was able to maximize his brand awareness and engagement with fans through multiple screens.

"The Branded Way: How to make content marketing work for you in the digital age", by Rokkan

Digital and social have forever disrupted the way we create, deliver and measure content in the  marketing world. The team walked us by their creative process and shared insights on content that builds loyalty and awareness, while strengthening connections with consumers. 

So without further ado, here are my notes on the Cannes Lions 2013:

2 Responses to "Road to Cannes Series: Notes from Cannes Lions 2013"

  • Alexander Fortuna
    July 10, 2013 - 8:59 am

    Interesting notes. I really identify with “Work that Matters” plus The Coca-Cola Co. has been in the top of the game since ever. Would be interesting to see some videos from this or photos but we all know you were so busy thinking and creating.

    I enjoy this and finally there’s a good blog talking about Cannes from the inside.


  • Maria Elena Moré
    July 10, 2013 - 2:19 pm

    Glad you liked it, Alexander! I’ll be posting some photos and videos soon as well, so stay tuned!

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