Creativity in Advertising: When it works, when it doesn’t, by Harvard Business Review


The concept of creative effectiveness is one that has sparked debate for decades. The question of how exactly creativity provides effectiveness in business (if in fact is does) is something that marketers and advertisers alike defend and/or question.  Does creativity guarantee advertising effectiveness? If so, how much? And besides, when exactly should something be considered creative?

For some, the answer is quite simple. True creative effectiveness is that which impacts a client's organization - and by that we mean equity, sales, profit and even customer behavior patterns. Add to the list any desired changes in perception, influence and social media engagement. Sounds simple, right? Right.

In this Harvard Business Review publication, Werner Reinartz and Peter Saffert unfold the complexity behind creativity - from its definition, measurement and its influence in sales, in hopes of answering the age-old question: is creativity actually better?

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