Advertising Week with United: DAY 3


 CEO Connectors

Christine Fruechte President & CEO / Colle + McVoy | Lori Hiltz CEO, North America / Havas Media | Lori Senecal Chairman & CEO / kbs+ | Maria Mandel Dunsche VP Marketing & Media Innovation / AT&T AdWorks |Matt Seiler Global CEO / IPG Mediabrands | Mike Welch President / AT&T AdWorks | Pete Cashmore Founder and CEO / Mashable | Susan Gianinno Chairman & CEO / Publicis Worldwide USA

In today’s world, business leaders must be connected to consumers, clients, content partners and colleagues on mobile and social platforms. This interesting panel of executives discussed the elements that are vital when it comes to inspiring and educating their organization and clients. 

Passion, integrity and courage play an important role for those who are willing to take risks and blaze the trail.  Data has become the new currency in our business – it’s vital to decision making. Social analytics as business metrics are essential in today’s business world.

Has this orientation to data taken creativity out of advertising? Patterns and analytics can definitely provide an advantage to brands, since they enlighten us on what people want, and also help us write and sell to them. This gives brands an opportunity to be more insightful and be better storytellers. Accessing people through technology is key in order to continue the business dialogue. The way we create content and we distribute it in the world is now very different.

Marketers that will be successful are empathetic and help solve the problems that people are having. They constantly ask themselves, how can I add content, how can I add value? The element of creativity today in ads can come from the audience. They’re willing to consume and share, but also be part of the advertising process.

Bottom line: brands need to stop thinking about mobile as a device and in turn think of mobile as the action of  “being mobile.”


 Celebrity Storytelling

Armando Correa Managing Editor / People en Español | Bethenny Frankel TV Personality | Jess Cagle Managing Editor / Entertainment Weekly | Lara Spencer Anchor / GMA | Larry Hackett Managing Editor / People

In today’s mobile and social world, media has embraced the evolution of celebrity reporting and storytelling. Brands such as magazines always look for ways to be the first source. However, with social media, the chances of breaking news are harder. You only have that competitive advantage for a few minutes.

People want to be told stories in authentic ways, and mobile platforms help celebrities do exactly that.  Content needs to be better than ever.  Sources need to cover stories that are true, instead of making things up. This philosophy will guarantee that celebrities will sit down and talk to brands and editorials that have good faith in publishing the truth.

More than anything, brands have to stop excluding people who can’t or won’t share their information for whatever reason, and instead inspire them to do so.



Seth Dallaire Vice President of North American Display Advertising / Amazon Media Group

During this session, the Amazon exec shared the success Amazon has accomplished by transforming the customer experience through ecommerce platforms.

In the old days, the world of retail was regional and focused on getting more shelf space and lower prices. Nowadays, the Internet has provided a breadth and depth of products and limitless shelf space. Not only does the customer have a choice, they also have a voice where products are concerned. Through word of mouth, the user is more empowered than ever before - and all of this is offering new opportunities in the world of retail.

This customer voice is the new marketing currency. Reviews are essential to the experience. They are a pride for Amazon, since they prove how strongly people feel about the brands Amazon sells.


 Radio connects

Chad Stubbs Head of Digital Engagement & Integrated Media / PepsiCo | Deron Triff Director Distribution / TED | Shelley Zalis CEO / Ipsos OTX | Tim Castelli President, National Sales and Marketing / CCM+E |

There’s no denying the power of music as a vehicle to drive consumer engagement. Local radio shows and DJs are considered local celebrities. They are vital when it comes to the creation of content and driving brand movements.

Branded content today has to be remarkable, not just great, but one that leverages radio, TV, print, etc. People need the WOW factor. Fortunately, digital helps broadcast messages nationally, globally and achieve the levels of scales that are expected.

Nowadays, the fact that people spend more time outside of home and in their automobile makes us relook at how consumers use media.


 Creative Carrousel

Carlos Figueiredo ECD / Publicis Kaplan Thaler | Jay Russel ECD/ GSD&M | Matt Eastwood CCO/ DDB New York | Matt Ian Executive Creative Director / TBWA\Chiat\Day New York | Paul Woolmington Investor, Advisor, Communications Entrepreneur | Peter Moore Smith Executive Creative Director / Saatchi & Saatchi NY | Quincy Cherry CCO / Uniworld Group | Reid Miller ECD / Taxi New York |

In a creative environment, imagination is the difference that will make the difference. Empathy and a balance of creative and business is the basis for leadership and inspiration. During this panel, creative leaders exposed the tricks of the trade when it comes to building relationships with clients and getting results. As clients understand creativity, taking risks becomes a lot easier for them.

Understanding a client’s problem is key. Ask yourself, what does he/she need? Then get the right people to solve the right problem.  Collaboration is a crucial component of communication. Get every department you can get to be involved. Clients and agency departments should understand what’s on the other side of the table. 



Martine Rearson CMO / Macy’s | Nigel Morris CEO / Aegis Media Americas & EMEA

Macy’s is more than just a store, it’s place where magic takes place. And for the past few years, this retailer has embraced technology as a means to feature all it has to offer.

With transformation going in such a fast pace, Macy’s is reinventing the way people are buying. For a brand to be this focused you need a long-term view of what you stand for and what you’re trying to achieve.

From social, to mobile, to real-time, a brand needs to do everything it can to keep up with the times. Understanding what’s happening and what’s not, impacts the decision-making process. Bottom line? Macy’s has transformed a giant business with agility and these elements:


In a convergent world, everything can lead to commerce. (Content, social, shopping and spaces). The point of connection and engagement and the point of transaction are getting closer and closer together.  Our ability to reach and influence people has never been greater or easier.

Big Data

Data is reconnecting society – reconnecting people with businesses. Tap into connected commerce and cultures to create real-time content and in-store experiences that combine social trends and transactions.


Studying trends and users makes the retail experience more personal and socially relevant.


Combining connected commerce, content and culture to create adaptive real-time experiences.


Reinventing the business as a reflection of a connected culture by bringing back value to the experience.

Bottom line:

  • Be big and be bold
  • Go for scale
  • Innovate


The third metric 

Arianna Huffington President & Editor-in-Chief / The Huffington Post Media Group | Bonita Stewart VP, Americas – Partner Business Solutions / Google Inc. | Cindi Leive Editor-in-Chief / Glamour | Jacki Kelley CEO, North America & President, Global Clients / IPG Mediabrands | Lauren Zalaznick EVP / NBC Universal | Mary Gordon Founder & President / Roots of Empathy | Olivia Munn TV Personality, Model & Author | Pat Christen President & CEO / HopeLab 

According to statistics, women that lead successful professional lives have a highter tendency to suffer heart disease and diabetes. An inspiring panel led by Arianna Huffington discussed the redefinition of success beyond the metrics of money and power - the third metric.

Keys to the third metric:


If we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything. Research shows that we can be more creative and innovative if we’d rest more.


We need to figure out what’s important in our life and find time for it.

Capacity to wonder

We need to celebrate life every day. Live each moment to the fullest.


When we give to others, we operate from fullness. Connecting and having a purpose outside oneself is essential.

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