Advertising Week with United: DAY 4


Applying big data

Alfonso Marian Chief Creative Officer / OgilvyOne New York | Ben Edwards VP, Global Communications & Digital Marketing / IBM | Dimitri Maex Managing Director / OgilvyOne New York | Melissa Grady VP, eBusiness / MetLife | Mike Berrett Managing Director of Communications Planning / Heat | Todd Cullen Global Chief Data Officer / Ogilvy & Mather

As the business world relies more on data, is creativity in advertising in danger? This panel of executives shared the benefits of involving quantitative information for good creative.

Why is data suddenly good for the creative process? According to our panelists, data enables brands to focus and run tests that help create better campaigns, with far less risk. It also provides information on how to improve what they’re already doing, and to do things that they are currently not doing. Quantitative information is key for good creative.

Organizations with this mindset need to be more agile, quicker in listening and using insights. It’s not just about using data, but also acting upon them, and fast.

In this data driven world, data can help us understand emotions for campaigns that outperform any other. Never has the client – agency relationship been closer; we now speak the same language.


Retail remixed

Catherin Taber CEO / SparkFly | John Dee President / PlaceWise Media | John Roswech CRO / HookLogic | Matt Plumber VP, Business Development / Kuapay, Inc. | Rick Chavez Chief Solutions Officer, Microsoft Advertising | Tim Dunn Director of Mobile / Roundarch Isobar

During this panel, retailers discussed the major challenges and opportunities that they face in today’s digital world: What are we selling? What are people buying? How are people going to find our products and how are they going to buy them? Answering these questions is crucial when you want to be ahead of the game.

Providers and brands are pivotal to moving products for scale. Collaboration in the retail business has never been more important and the consumer decision journey is key in order to measure each step of the way.

Fundamentals that are vital to good a retail strategy:

  • Embrace technology: now, more than ever, retailers have morphed into publishers and technology companies.
  • Leverage your data and share it with your team players.
  • Tie your mobile applications to your in-store experience
  • Create a full shopping experience
  • Run experiments and learn from them.
  •  Ask people for information in order to get feedback on their brand experience.


Changing the rules

Chris Scharaft President, Content Solutions / Time Inc. |  Noah Garden EVP Commerce and Sponsorship / MLB Advanced Media | Paul Marcum Director of Global Digital Marketing & Programming / GE | Seth Rogin Chief Revenue Officer / Mashable 

Media companies and brands are the same business: the business of telling stories that influence behavior and change minds. Understanding a consumer’s journey is a key in order to leverage opportunities of having a voice during each step of the way.

Campaigns have evolved as the media industry has transformed with new players such as digital and social. Publishers, brands and agencies need to rise above the noise, and create strategies to make brands a part of people’s conversation. Brands need to see themselves a publishers that awaken respect, value and trust from customers.

From the advertisers side, engagement has become more about relevancy and content. Even banners can become platforms for interaction. But what works on one social platform does not necessarily works on another platform. A big mistake is to think that information and content works the same in every place, which results in standardizing the information. From an ROI perspective, each social platform works differently. They are all social, but they are all different. What you need to do it set up a different goal per platform to get the return on your investment. Don’t measure them the same way.

Brand storytelling is a great build brand awareness and to deliver the equity that through the years your brand has accomplished. Get content and then share it. Content is king, and distribution is queen - and she wears the pants. Get partners to get your message out there.

What does it take for a person to want to share branded content? If you’re a brand and if you’re going to create content, you need a consumer centric approach that considers:

  • The channels in which they consume content
  • The information they want to consume
  • What is interesting to them - the source of the content or the content itself?
  • Content that inspires credibility
  • Create content that people think their friends are going to like it.
  • Add value

“This age demands constant reinvention. You can’t just reinvent and go ‘Phew, I’m glad that’s over.’”


People as brands

Erica Domesek Founder / P.S. - I made this… |  Fat Jew Content Creator / Thrillist |  James Borrow Co-Founder and CEO / SHIFT | Jason Stein Founder & President / Laundry Service |  Jo Zablud Director, Social Media / Audible, Inc. | Liz Eswein Co-Founder / @NewYorkCity

Nowadays, thanks to platforms such as social media, individuals can be influential and serve as media outlets for brands. Entrepreneurs in this sector have learned to be curators and monetize their online presence.

This panel of individuals embraced technology and became become icons in the world of online with a personality, tone and a voice.

How do they communicate genuinely with the people that follow them?

  • They create interesting and relevant content
  • The communicate authentically
  • They target people who share their interests

Brands need to treat social with the respect and financial support that it needs and leverage off people that have equity on these online platforms.


Line is it

Adam Pincus Founder and Director / MediaCom Beyond Advertising | Alexandra Bruell Reporter / Advertising Age | Benny Lawrence Manager, Media-Brand Innovation / Audi of America |  Erin McPherson VP and Head of Video Programming & Originals / Yahoo!

Storytelling - the industry’s new buzzword. Sales and marketing is being redefined as brands ask themselves: who’s story do we tell? The customers or ours? Do users want to be entertained with a great story or be part of it?

Agency and media executives, reporters and brand managers discussed the challenges in storytelling and how data is enabling new methods of sharing content. Feedback, for one, plays an important role as a channel to find out if people are getting the message and if they like what brands are trying to say.

Consumers are getting bombarded with content.  Successful brands master the marriage of content and technology. Content is better because there is more and better data to inform the creative process. We can use data to know what our audience is looking for. It’s art and science.

Native advertising allows brands to work side by side with digital and social.

Challenges through the process:

  • Listening to clients
  • Failing fast and fixing fast
  • Time
  • Money



Elliot Lum VP, Strategic Marketing / Columbia Records Creative Agency |  Glenn Johnson Co-Founder / RTCMG |  Nathan Coyle EVP, Head Business Development / Refinery 29 |  Ron Farris Founder / CEO of Virgin Special Projects / Virgin |  Stephanie Paciullo Agent, Commercial Endorsements / Creative Artists Agency |  Todd English Founder & CEO / Todd English Enterprises

The business between brands, agencies and celebrities is evolving and the message to the consumer has to be authentic. Industry executives got together for a discussion on how the work between brand, agencies and celebrities is evolving and the message to the consumer needs to be. What are the other key factors to success, and how do you cultivate them?

Very few marketers are willing to take a level of risk when it comes to embracing emotional on social media but as long as that celebrity is transmitting the same values as the brand, a strong idea can become a very lucrative business.

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