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An anniversary in pictures

Banco Popular Dominicano

It's been 50 years since Banco Popular Dominicano opened its doors in the Dominican Republic. Today a leader within the industry, the brand has been keen on embracing new technologies in all parts of the spectrum - operations, products and communications. 

Hace 50 años abrió sus puertas el Banco Popular Dominicano en la República Dominicana. Hoy un líder en su categoría, siempre ha manifestado su interés en acoger e implementar las nuevas tecnologías en todos los aspectos - operacional, dentro de su cartera de productos y en sus comunicaciones. 

To celebrate its anniversary, the bank launched a national photo contest on Instagram and invited the nation to post pictures that reflect the transformation of the Dominican Republic during the last century - pictures that convey changes in infrastructure, urban planning, telecommunications, industrial development, scientific advancements, among other things.

Para celebrar su aniversario, acaba de lanzar un concurso nacional en la red social de Instagram, el cual consiste en motivar a los dominicanos a subir fotografías que reflejen la transformación de la República Dominicana durante el último siglo - fotografías que transmiten los cambios en infraestructura, urbanismo, telecomunicaciones, desarrollo industrial, avances científicos, entre otros.

Banco Popular Dominicano

 The mechanics of the contest are fairly simple: follow the brand on Instagram (@Popularenlinea), upload up to three pictures including the hashtags #RD21 and #Popular50años, assign a title and description for the image, and presto. The ten best photos will take home prizes such as iPads, laptops and photography courses from Chavón

La mecánica del concurso es sencilla: para concursar, la persona debe seguir la marca en Instagram (@Popularenlinea), subir hasta tres fotos con los hashtags #RD21 y #Popular50años, aplicar un título y descripción para la foto, y listo. Las diez mejores imágenes se llevarán premios tales como iPads, laptops y cursos de fotografía en Chavón.

Banco Popular Concurso

To this moment, hundreds of pictures have already been submitted to the contest, triggering a connection between the bank and the people through visual content and social media - proving that universal truth: "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Hasta el momento, cientos de fotos han sido subidas a la plataforma de Instagram para el  concurso, lo cual ha generado una dinámica interesante entre el banco y las personas mediante el contenido visual y las redes sociales - lo cual comprueba esa verdad universal: "Una imagen vale más que mil palabras."

For more information, check out:

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Images courtesy of / Imágenes cortesía de: Banco Popular Dominicano

Samsung, Big Mama’s and the brands that shook up this year’s Academy Awards

If there's one thing we've learned in the last 86 years, it's that Oscar night is without a doubt the biggest party in showbiz. As celebrities flocked the Dolby Theater on Sunday night, 2014 proved, yet again, what a powerful platform it can be for brands who want to leverage Hollywood's big night.

Though big names such as Mercedes-Benz, JC Penny, Chevrolet, American Express and Chobani followed a traditional approach when it came to advertising, it was Samsung, Twitter and a pizzeria by the name of Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria who stole the show, proving that authentic and spontaneous interactions during the show leave a far more powerful impression on viewers. 

Samsung Galaxy Academy Awards Oscars

Samsung, a big sponsor of the event, was more than present during the live telecast, especially during moments when host Ellen Degeneres took out a Galaxy mobile phone out of her pocket. The golden moment came when she attempted to snap a photo of her and Meryl Streep, which soon turned into the most star-studded group selfie, ever. 

Samsung Galaxy Academy Awards Oscars

The epic picture taken with the phone and posted on Twitter set a new record for the most number of retweets ever - an incredible amount of 2.4 million as of Monday - making it without a doubt the coolest product placement during the Oscars, and the most successful social media moment in modern history. The platform was mentioned several times and stole the show at one point, especially when Ellen announced that the they had accidentally 'broken' Twitter: "We crashed and broke Twitter. We made history." "It's fantastic. See what we did, Meryl?"

But perhaps one of the funniest moments came from Ellen when she offered pizza (with a real delivery guy) from Big Mama's and Papa's to the stars in the audience.

Big Mamas and Papas Pizzeria

Another brand who received a lovely surprise was Miller Lite, mentioned by Matthew McConaughey during his speech towards the end of the show: "To my father, who I know is up there right now with a big pot of gumbo; he's got a lemon meringue pie, probably in his underwear and he's got a cold can of Miller Lite and he's dancing..."

Of course, the brand did not let this historical moment slip through its fingers. It immediately posted:

Miller Lite Oscars

This year proved that interaction and authenticity is monumental and brands need to be ready to make the best of these opportunities - especially when it comes to live events.

Other stars at this year's Oscars:



American Express




 JC Penny


The Business of Big Ideas: Ogilvy

Agency giant, Ogilvy, is no stranger to the subject of big ideas. 

In 1947, David Ogilvy, mastermind and founder of Ogilvy & Mather, set out to build one of the largest advertising networks in history. His audacity and success were only surpassed by a business acumen and ability to voice concepts that have served as inspiration and a guiding light for professionals in the field of advertising and marketing. When he spoke, we listened. And that we have done for over half a century.

Ogilvy founded his philosophy on three basic pillars: quality and diversity of the people, quality and class of the operation, and last but not least, belief in brands. From here stems that age-long conviction of the development and cultivation of the intangible aspects that make companies (and those responsible for it) unique. "Our history is the evolution of one man's thoughts, talents, and work ethic translated into a company culture, a defining business strategy, a destiny." We must make advertising that sells, but first, make advertising that builds brands. 

So when it comes to ideas worth spreading, what could be better than to share them through social media? The team at Ogilvy has done a great job in creating a platform that both informs and celebrates the passion for ideas set forth by none other than its brilliant founder. For the past year, I've been fascinated with amazing entries featuring infographics, quotes, rankings and facts on the subject of business, advertising, brands, and life.

In keeping with the celebration of knowledge, here are 20 of my most favorite posts from Ogilvy & Mather's Facebook page:

Ogilvy 22

Ogilvy 1

Ogilvy 2

Ogilvy 3

Ogilvy 4

Ogilvy 5

Ogilvy 6

Ogilvy 7

Ogilvy 8

Ogilvy 9

Ogilvy 10

Ogilvy 11

Ogilvy 12

Ogilvy 15

Ogilvy 16

 Ogilvy 16

Ogilvy 17

Ogilvy 19 Ogilvy 20

Ogilvy 23


Success stories from the 2013 National Congress of Digital Marketing

Held in the Chapultepec Cultural Forum of Mexico City, this year's National Congress of Digital Marketing  gathered hundreds of marketing professionals, students, agencies and all those who are somehow involved in this exciting discipline. 

Industry's prominent speakers shared their opinions, advices, best practices and case studies in order to illustrate a varied, complete and interesting range of cutting-edge issues that can not be ignored by marketers and brands in the modern business environment.

Here are some succesfully performed international campaigns that were shared by the speakers, as good examples and inspiration for our daily work in the world of digital marketing.


Starbucks: Tweet a Coffee

Burger King: Whopper Sacrifice

Xbox: Kinect Effect

Look at this Instagram: Nickelback Parody

Big Data for Smarter Customer Experience

Volkswagen search engine ad: Like a boss

Recife: Immortal Fans

Oreo: 100th birthday

 Betty White's  SNL monologue on Facebook


National Congress of Digital Marketing, Mexico: DAY 2

Congreso Nacional de Marketing Digital

How to use and monitor social networking to grow our business

Alex Perez. Coordinator of Digital Strategy and Transmedia, Televisa

We need to change the perception brands have about social media. Not everything is traffic, follows or likes. We need to take a step forward - from social to share to social to convert.

Key points for effective monitoring:

  • Know the user’s needs.
  • Know the mentions and impact of the brand.
  • Know the feeling of these mentions, and what causes them.
  • Know what topics our brand evolves.
  • Interpret the message of the audience.
  • Perform an effective crisis management.
  • Locate the influencers.
  • Monitor the community manager.

What can we achieve with effective monitoring?

  • Know a brand's reach.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • React faster.
  • Detect insights.

Effective monitoring of Social Media can improve brand’s digital offer. It allows us to create valuable content to the user. It's necessary to hit the consumer at least seven times before converting him into a customer.

Key points for Social Media Intelligence:

  • Planning.
  • Research and monitoring.
  • Analysis.
  • Decision-making and innovation.

Brands should be able to transform their own business and anticipate the needs of the user.

Big Data: the new player of marketing

Mario Nissan, CIO, Flock

The world is being digitized. Soon everything will be connected to the Internet.

The four V's of big data:

  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Velocity
  • Veracity

All of them build on a 5th: Value.

How Flock makes Big data:

  • Attracting consumers.
  • Digitalising touch points.
  • Concentrating all the information in one big database.
  • Analysing correlations.

This allows for you to perform business intelligence, marketing and innovation. (IPO: Input - Processing - Output)

Key points for the implementation of big data:

  • Having focused objectives.
  • Start with the output. Technology is never the idea.
  • No one size fits all. Customize!
  • Integrate people, processes and tools.

 Big data enables setting the development of more intimate and personal experiences for consumers.

"Big data is watching the planet develop a nervous system".

Metrics for evaluating a digital strategy

Jack Ades, Director of Operations, Gross Und Klein

  • In Mexico there are 45.1 million Internet users.
  • 7.9 million have internet connection.
  • The average daily connection time is 5 hours.
  • Connection from smartphones doubled in 2012.
  • The probability to sell to someone who follows you on social media is 67%

Key points for an effective measurement:

  • Define the objectives - inform, sell or capture users.
  • Identify the metrics according to the objectives: likes, follows, shares, comments, payments, subscriptions, sales, etc.
  • Choose your KPI's: conversion rate, click through rate, cost per action, etc.
  • Choose your tools: Analytics.
  • Constantly evaluate and correct.

“The objective defines the metrics. Choose wisely.”

Traditional media in the digital age: the new paradigm

Jessie Cervantes, Artistic director, MVS Radio Mexico

  • 17% of internet users in Mexico have a blog and 9 out 10 have a profile on social networks.
  • Companies have changed their spirit. They are becoming service providers more than product suppliers.
  • There are 120 million mobile lines in Mexico.
  • We are moving from a monologue to a dialogue.
  • Television has evolved into SmartTV, however it doesn't have our full attention anymore.
  • Credibility is a key factor to work on Internet.
  • 1 out of 4 internet users in Mexico uses Netflix. In the United States it represents 30% of the traffic peek.
  • Traditional media needs to learn soon that the future of media is moving somewhere else. 

Children’s Digital Experience: a challenge for brands (panel)

Guillermo Pérezbolde, VP, Mexican Internet Association

  • 7.5 million kids in Mexico are on Facebook.
  • In 2013 63% of kids use smartphones vs. 41% in 2011.
  • 70% of children between 6 and 9 years old are on social media and 51% of parents don't supervise its use; 35% only ask and 14% check what they do.
  • Kids prefer the use of Internet (65%) vs. Television (31%) and only 1% considers it an educational tool.
  • Internet is something completely normal for kids. They have been born and are growing with the new technologies.
  • Brands must have ethical criteria when designing and planning their campaigns.
  • Children should be exposed to internet in a responsible manner, with appropriate content rather than restrict it.
  • Brands should educate parents about what happens online. 

Case study: Impact of social networks on the airlines

Ernesto Nava and Lara, VP Digital Marketing, Aeromexico

Aeromexico has had several important events during this year, including a crisis because of pilot and flight attendant strikes in June, an event for which they performed a containment plan involving social networks as the official communication media.

Customers used these platforms to ask about possible delays and cancellations. Thanks to a rapid response, attention and clear communication with them, Aeromexico successfully fought this mishap.

Another event was the arrival of the B787 Dreamliner to Mexico, an event relevant for being the most advanced commercial aircraft.

They developed a communication campaign based solely on social networks: real -time coverage, Facebook and YouTube streaming, and coverage of press conferences. All of this focused on the features and benefits of the aircraft.

A third event was related to the storm “Manuel” that hit Acapulco, where the airline was an active food and passengers free carrier, positioning itself as a socially responsible brand and having better acceptance among its users. Again, social networks were used as main communication media.