Academy Awards 2012: Favorite Ads


Lights? Check. Cameras? Check. Commercials? You got it.

The 84th annual Academy Awards were nothing short of memorable and left us with the spirit of that old Hollywood glamour. The glitz, the ads and the magic of cinema make up what is perhaps one of my favorite nights of the year.

According to Mashable, "Social conversations have taken on an increasingly important role in the 2012 awards season." Even before the show, the Oscars red carpet received attention not only from viewers but from followers on interactive platforms all over the world, who noticed the stunt pulled by Sasha Baron Cohen a.k.a "The Dictator" on Ryan Seacrest, with the hopes of promoting his new film. A Twitter account that goes by the name of @AngiesRightLeg was created minutes after the star paraded herself into the stage and struck a pose that left everyone wondering "What's up with Angelina Jolie?" The Muppets, Cirque du Soleil and Diet Coke were just a few of the world renowned brands who combined their presence at the awards ceremony with a unique twist on social media.

But alas, let's hit the ads. From Diet Coke's tailor-made campaign for the Oscars, Ellen Degeneres' much talked about endorsement for the (newly refreshed) JCPenny brand, here are More than Branding's favorite spots of the Academy Awards 2012:

Diet Coke

Title: "Hollywood"


Johnson's Baby

Title: "You're going OK, Mom"


JCPenny (or now simply JCP)

Title: "Ellen: 50's Wake-Up"

Title: "Ellen: Roman Returns"

Title: "Ellen: Western Coupons"



Title: "Modern Life"



Title: "Art- The 2013 SL Roadster"


Kraft- Macaroni & Cheese

Title: "Diamond Jubilee"



Title: "iCloud Harmony"


Upside Down, Left to Right. A Letterpress Film.


Typography is such an essential part of our world. The aesthetics and structure of what we write is just as important as the message itself. And what some might take for granted others consider art. Here's a short film by director Danny Cooke, featuring Paul Collier and one the few movable-type printing workshops in the world, located in the UK. Designers, you're in for a treat.


The Best Ad Campaigns of All Time (Infographic)


Ever wondered what the best campaign out there has been? Best slogan? Here's a somewhat recent infographic I came across that I found hits quite on the mark. I especially loved the lessons and the factors they claim make a good ad.

No waste here. Check it out:


Google’s lovable doodle for Valentine’s Day 2012


Kudos to the folks of Google for their sweet doodles, they just keep getting better and better. (Wait, did that just rhyme?) This time around, I was extremely touched by it - I mean, could this be any cuter? It just had the word "post" written all over it.

It also sends out a nice message - in the midst of the general public blaming retailers for a highly commercialized day, it's nice for them to show us how it's the simplest things that truly embrace the concept of bonding and love. No shopping required.



Grammys 2012: Favorite TV Spots

Some of us have come to know this event as music's biggest night, and this year's Grammys were nothing short of emotional. From Adele's sweeping win after battling with her health, to the beautiful tribute performed in memory of the legendary Whitney Houston, this will be a night we shall not forget.

Amoung the Grammy ads were a few re-runs from this year's Super Bowl, and others that date a little while back. But nevertheless, here are the spots that made me laugh, cry and enjoy the evening. The one's who were music to my ears. (sorry, I just had to write that)

Check out More than Branding's favorite Ads from the 2012 Grammy Awards:



Title: "Color changes everything"



Title: "Shine"



Title: "Back to the start"



Title: "King's court"



Title: "How to pick up a lady"


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Title: "Let me go"

How about you? What was your favorite ad of the night?