AMC’s new series “The Pitch”, on the business of advertising


It all starts with the pitch.

Following the success of Mad Men, AMC is bringing us the glitz and drama of the advertising world with a new show called "The Pitch", that will air with a sneak preview on April 8th. The unscripted series will chronicle the deadlines and hustle-and-bustle of ad agencies when they set out to find new business. With only 7 days to prepare their creative and strategic proposal, we'll see what it's like when ad men go head-to-head for clients.

The agencies pitching each week will be: The Ad Store, Bandujo, BooneOakley, Bozell, Conversation, DIGO, FKM, Jones Advertising, Kovel/Fuller, McKinney, Muse Communications, SK+G, The Hive, WDCW and WOMENK!ND, and will be presented in a documentary style fashion, in order to capture the high stakes experienced during the process. Some of the brands that will be featured include: Frangelico/Campari, the Subway restaurants, Benjamin Frankilin Plumbing, Mister Sparky, among others.

"Advertising is really the idea business, but with incredibly high stakes; and Studio Lambert has captured, in a very feature doc style, just how hard it is to come up with a great idea, only to walk into a room and have it all ride on The Pitch." says Joel Stillerman, Executive Vice President of Original Programming for AMC.

Look out Don Draper fans. The shiz just got real.



An addiction called PINTEREST (with Infographics)


If you're in the world of marketing and advertising, chances are you're familiar with Pinterest. (if not, then you better get a move on, and I mean pronto.)  Pinterest is the fastest growing social network right now, or as Stephanie Buck describes it: " an addiction that seems to be spreading like a zombie apocalypse virus." People can't seem to get enough of it.

This virtual pin board and social network allows users to "pin" things that are of interest to them, which in turn lets them promote them for free. With a growth of 4000% in the last six months, marketers cannot turn their heads to its potential. For photographers, retailers and fashion designers, it's an excellent digital portfolio that showcases their products and best work. In view of its success, here are two infographics which I find illustrate the fascination, craze and ins and outs of this new revolution. Oh, and here's a look at its most popular categories.

Happy pinning everyone!


“As seen in NY” (by Patty Yunén): Creative Riders


 About a month ago, More Than Branding's very esteemed and principal blogger, María Elena Moré, called me up (tweeted me up to be honest) and asked me to collaborate with More Than Branding as a correspondent in New York. I just moved to the city to pursue a M.S. in Integrated Marketing at NYU, so I was super excited and honored to be part of this digital space she's worked so hard on.

I'll be writing about whatever strikes my marketing eye, from huge ad campaigns, to personal and digital marketing, to street marketers... Basically, I'll keep you posted on all that this 24 hour infomercial called "New York City" has to offer. So with no further adieu I give you my first post, entitled "Creative Riders"...

Just after I moved, as I was getting used to waiting for trains, I started to notice that, if any of the ads on the subway stations had any loose ends, some very creative subway riders would tie them up. If you’ve ever worked in an advertising agency, you know that the planning of most out-of-home advertising is thought out from creative to production to media to installation. But, what happens to your advertising after you put it up?

 Ironically, the campaign that has engaged most of these Creative Riders (that’s what we’ll call creative subway riders from now on) is the Mad Men season 5 campaign. Just a white background and a falling man, leaving room for creativity in every station! Heck, some Riders even pulled some Dr. Seuss prose on Don Draper. It is amazing how this campaign has called the attention of so many New Yorkers. In my opinion the entire promotion is not that great, because you need to be a Mad Men fan to quickly understand it. But, Creative Riders have made regular, none Mad Men fans look for the ads and see what clever alterations Riders have included in them. In this particular case, the people from AMC should hire some Riders for the season 6 campaign.

On a less positive note, have you ever played Scrabble? Well Creative Riders have too. Don’t you think that using the letters of the ad itself to alter the message is just pure genius!? Look at the Master Card campaign and see how much difference one single letter can make to what you’re trying to say. Master Card, being a financial entity, suffered a bit of negativity with the Riders, but you know what they say... there's no such thing as bad publicity. The Riders' creativity makes you look twice at the Ads- and no ROIs or KPIs measure these second looks.

The last picture is a little bonus, cause, don’t we all believe news are just truths coexisting with profitable lies?

Till’ next time, and thank you to all the Creative Riders out there… you should put all of these pieces in your portfolios!

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Academy Awards 2012: Favorite Ads


Lights? Check. Cameras? Check. Commercials? You got it.

The 84th annual Academy Awards were nothing short of memorable and left us with the spirit of that old Hollywood glamour. The glitz, the ads and the magic of cinema make up what is perhaps one of my favorite nights of the year.

According to Mashable, "Social conversations have taken on an increasingly important role in the 2012 awards season." Even before the show, the Oscars red carpet received attention not only from viewers but from followers on interactive platforms all over the world, who noticed the stunt pulled by Sasha Baron Cohen a.k.a "The Dictator" on Ryan Seacrest, with the hopes of promoting his new film. A Twitter account that goes by the name of @AngiesRightLeg was created minutes after the star paraded herself into the stage and struck a pose that left everyone wondering "What's up with Angelina Jolie?" The Muppets, Cirque du Soleil and Diet Coke were just a few of the world renowned brands who combined their presence at the awards ceremony with a unique twist on social media.

But alas, let's hit the ads. From Diet Coke's tailor-made campaign for the Oscars, Ellen Degeneres' much talked about endorsement for the (newly refreshed) JCPenny brand, here are More than Branding's favorite spots of the Academy Awards 2012:

Diet Coke

Title: "Hollywood"


Johnson's Baby

Title: "You're going OK, Mom"


JCPenny (or now simply JCP)

Title: "Ellen: 50's Wake-Up"

Title: "Ellen: Roman Returns"

Title: "Ellen: Western Coupons"



Title: "Modern Life"



Title: "Art- The 2013 SL Roadster"


Kraft- Macaroni & Cheese

Title: "Diamond Jubilee"



Title: "iCloud Harmony"


Upside Down, Left to Right. A Letterpress Film.


Typography is such an essential part of our world. The aesthetics and structure of what we write is just as important as the message itself. And what some might take for granted others consider art. Here's a short film by director Danny Cooke, featuring Paul Collier and one the few movable-type printing workshops in the world, located in the UK. Designers, you're in for a treat.