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Building Brands through Experiential Marketing: 11 Awesome Examples


There is a universal truth that stems from the most essential belief in psychology: we learn from experience. And that same principle applies to marketing. The way a brand functions and the feelings it evokes within us are vital to the ultimate perception we possess of it.

As markets oversupply, the process and methodology through which we communicate a product's attributes is just as important as coming up with those specific attributes. Focusing on delivering experiences is an ideal way of developing relationships and bonds that enable brands to grow over time.

As the name implies, experiential marketing refers to the customer experiences with a brand, product or service that allow users to interact in a sensory way. It triggers motivation more than any other channel of communication and instigates word-of-mouth. Brands that excite people have more strength in the subconscious level of the mind since it stimulates the neural region that makes decisions.

What are some of the benefits of implementing an experiential marketing strategy?

    • Generate awareness
    • Create an emotional connection
    • Develop positive perceptions
    • Show off its attributes
    • Gain credibility
    • Guide preferences
    • Stimulate purchases

If you are interesed in implementing this sort of approach, start off by asking yourself: is my brand exciting, exhilarating, fun, relaxing, stimulating, etc.? Which sort of associations will I stir up in the mind through this stunt?  Will the experience impact the human senses? (sight, sound, scent, taste, feel) If so, which? How will it make people feel? Would they want to use the brand?

To kick-off the week, More Than Branding brings you 11 examples of experiential marketing at its best:

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - "Augmented Reality"

ASICS- "Run with Ryan"

MERCEDES-BENZ - "Looks fast. Even in park."

SPANAIR - "Unexpected luggage"

TROPICANA - "Brighter mornings for brighter days"

COCA-COLA - "The Coca-Cola friendship machine"

FOX CRIME - "Interactive Billboard"


VOLKSWAGEN - "The fun theory"

HARPER COLLINS - "This dark endeavor"



Ad Watch: Switzerland, McDonald’s and Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz


Pave the way for the bold, the ruthless and the new...

Switzerland Tourism

Title: "More than just Mountains"

Agency: Spillmann/Felser/ Leo Burnett

Switzerland's love affair and eternal association with mountains is put to the test by the folks of Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett in an ad for Switzerland Tourism that aims to tell us that they are "more than just mountains"... Two (actual) farmers from the Swiss mountain-tops travel and explore the cities and soak up fine dining, shopping, museums, nightclubs in a cosmopolitan environment that defines a face of Switzerland we can't help but love. Contemporary and modern. A clear message. Now that's something to yodel about.


Title: "Lester"

Agency: DDB, London

A cute and lovable way of connecting the brand with history. DDB brings us the story of Lester and his "sweetheart", whom he met while working at McDonald's back in 1955. An excellent way of adding the element of realism to an ad, especially because more than anything, it narrates the experience people have with the brand and its impact in their lives. And no one can better tell a brand's story than someone else...


Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz

Title: "Drunk Valet"

Agency: Ogilvy Brasil

Concept meets execution in this excellent experiment-turned-spot by by Ogilvy Brasil. A clever way of encouraging people not to drink and drive through a message that hits the target: "Never let a drunk driver take your car. Even if that driver is you." Giving people a taste of this medicine will probably make it much more precise in achieving its goal.