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Brand Experience: The Modern Narrative


Nike's strategy is cemented on determination: the story of a hero's journey, emerging triumphant against the odds.

When it comes to human connection, what good is your brand if it doesn’t evoke an experience? Campaigns may come and go, but in today’s world, brands should strive to focus on creating memories. Experiences are part of the things people carry for the rest of their lives. Brands such as Nike, for instance, base their vision on elevating the experience of the athlete. Authenticity is a key aspect when it comes to creating a brand experience. Ask yourself,  “Is there a real reason why the client is using the product at that particular moment?” Brands that will succeed in the future will harness this power and add the extra value to people’s life.

Media companies and brands are the same business: the business of telling stories that influence behavior and change minds. Understanding a consumer’s journey is key in order to leverage opportunities of having a voice during each step of the way. One way to approach brand stories is through the premise of having something interesting and creative to say. The news needs to be interesting enough to want to be shared.

It all starts with the user experience. After studying the consumer, think of what the person will take away from your brand and what this experience is translating into. What do you want people to think, to feel? Do people understand the story and what we’re conveying? Does the story adapt to the medium? And last, but not least, would people be compelled enough to want to share that information?

Digital platforms such as social media are excellent opportunities to ignite conversations revolving a product that often lead to one of the most powerful assets a brand could have: a community. Creating an environment suitable for user-generated content is the ideal scenario that not only provides a snapshot, but an ongoing story with people.

GoPro's Youtube channel features user-generated footage shot with their own cameras.

GoPro's Youtube channel features user-generated footage shot with their products, which has seduced viewers everywhere.

As a brand who creates stories worth sharing, what does it take for a person to want to share branded content? If you’re a brand and if you’re going to create content, you need a consumer centric approach that considers: the channels in which they consume content, the information they want to consume, a content that inspires credibility and that people might think their friends are going to like, and last, but not least, content that must add value.

We live in an age that demands constant reinvention. We can’t just do something and go “Phew, I’m glad that’s over.”

Super Bowl 2013: The Ads


It's that time of year again. The night in which football and advertising collide. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, "Rates for Super Bowl spots have climbed about 60 percent over the past decade, showing how much marketers value the chance to reach the largest TV audience. Last year’s game had 78 commercials and produced ad sales of $262.5 million..."  

Brands turned to television (and the internet) for football's biggest night,  and spent as much as $140,000 dolars per second for air time - a sum that can only be justified by the number of viewers and online buzz that generates only with an event such as this. Newcomers Oreo and Pistachios shared the spotlight with recurring participants such as Volkswagen and Go Daddy, who spurred up negative remarks due to what some considered as offensive spots.

From fans' submissions for the Doritos and Lincoln ads, to big productions with Kaley Cuoco and Stevie Wonder, this year was all about the pre-game strategy. "Social media has ushered in a new reality for marketers looking to play in the big game, and it’s allowing brands to create deeper narratives, engage fans earlier on and create greater buzz by releasing teasers and assets online before the event.", writes Rae Annfera for Co.Create.

Proving a universal rule: It still pays to pay. 

Ram Trucks - "Farmer"

Taco Bell - "Viva Young"

Audi - "Prom"

Samsung - "El Plato Supreme"


Oreo - "Whisper Fight"

Best Buy - "Infinite Answers"

 Budweiser - "Brotherhood"

Milk Mustache - "Got Milk?"

Lincoln - "#SteerTheScript"

Beck's - Sapphire

Go Daddy - "Perfect Match"

Mercedes-Benz - "Soul"

Volkswagen - "Get in. Get happy."

Toyota - "Wish Granted"

Coca-Cola - "Chase"

Doritos - "Goat 4 Sale"

 Pepsi NEXT - "Party"

Pistachios - "Gangnam Style"


The “Youtube Effect” on Brands


For her first post on More Than Branding, Loyda de la Cruz names her favorite brands on Youtube and what she likes best about them. 


Youtube is currently one of the websites with the largest number users in the world. More than 2 billion videos are watched each day, with hundreds of viewers interacting and aware of what's happening in this particular site. Brands should not look the other way, instead understand its potential as a positioning tool and as a slingshot to attract a desired audience.

This platform has emerged as the nexus between "emotions" that are generated in the consumer-brand interaction. An important fact is that YouTube has already surpassed 113 million unique visitors, 14.2 million video views and 11 million searches. Inquiries related to business exceed 1.5 million weekly. It is for this reason that YouTube has won a spot as a video hub for a useful and meaningful brand.

Here are 5 examples of branded channels on YouTube which highlight design, content and a different brand display:


Nokia is a multinational company and the manufacturer of the first mobile phone in the world, making it one of the leading companies in the telecommunications sector.

With presence on YouTube, Nokia has an attractive channel in terms of design and content. They use this space to post hundreds of videos related to the brand, from the promotional sort, to video tutorials on applications and the use of your computer.

Subscribers: 76,916

Channel Views: 90,429,619



The GoPro channel reflects the lifestyle of consumers with the brand - specifically people who like extreme sports and adrenaline.

Subscribers: 190,219

Channel Views: 111,379,002




This channel brand reflects dynamism, youth, interaction and innovation- the design and content of this channel complement this space making it unique and addictive.

Subscribers: 70,048

Channel Views:32,086,021



Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is a U.S. based multinational company and world's largest retailer - in sales and number of employees. The Walmart brand channel on YouTube shows promotional videos related to services and current offerings.

Subscribers: 5,338

Channel Views:6,799,683



Starbucks Coffee

One of my favorite brands, Starbucks Coffee Company is the world's largest coffee chains, with about 17,800 locations in 49 countries.

The Starbucks brand channel features promotional videos presented amidst a clean and attractive corporate design, making the viewer feel as if he/she is sitting in a Starbucks drinking their favorite coffee.

Subscribers: 13,231

Channel Views: 8,365,021