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Road to Cannes Series: 60 Years of Cannes Lions (Infographic)

Only three days until the 60th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Each year, the creative industry gathers for what is the world's greatest celebration of creative communications -  ¨to learn from the best and celebrate the work changing the communications landscape.¨ 

In light of that, the folks of SapienNitro and Cannes Lions teamed up to bring us six infographics that commemorate the six decades of of the festival. Each will present the latest news, statistics as well as historical information and will be posted during the course of this next week.

Here's the first installment! 

Social media explained with…. COFFEE!


For those who know me personally or follow me on my personal social media accounts, you've probably noticed my particular "relationship" with coffee. So when I saw the famous graphic applied to my favorite drink, I thought, what better way to understand social media? Ha!

The 7 Types of Digital Marketers (Infographic)


As the world of business continues its shift towards better and more effective strategies of engagement, digital marketing is on the rise. People consume more digital content on a daily basis - and by that we mean content on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more - proving that traditional media is slowly being substituted (or enhanced) by digital. Many marketers have surely understood this notion perfectly and have taken to social media as a way to define his or her particular style.

Under this context comes Optify's interesting - yet cute - view on how digital marketers differ depending on their use of social media.