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MTV’s ‘Street Smarts’…

MTV Spain goes public. Literally. The folks of the popular network hit the streets of Madrid in order to ask "Who wants MTV to be open?", or in other words, who wants the network to be available for viewing without the need of cable TV service. Going around from street to street, the MTV crew posed interesting examples of how people were demonstrating their love and agreement to the idea of the channel going 'public'. Whether it is because they sat still on a bench, climbed a staircase, or crossed the street, people were definitely caught off guard. And with the help of that funny and witty Spanish sense of humor (which I particularly love), you can't argue that the video is simply a great idea to spread the news.

Check it out (in spanish):

 The result is nothing short of hilarious and extraordinary. This viral video called "MTV's 'Encuesta Nacional'" (National Survey), is simply one the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

Now that's what I call being street smart. Enhorabuena.

* Thanks to Edgar Estevez for the news!