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A look back: The Campaigns that rocked Cannes in 2013

Cannes Lions Festival

In less than a month, the world of brands will come together for what is the biggest celebration in the industry of advertising. A place where everyone working in the field of communications - from agencies, to media specialists, to marketers - are inspired by a week of nothing but ideas. Or as Marcelo Serpa, Partner and Chief Creative Officer at AlmapBBDO once said: "Cannes is the worst enemy of indifference. It is here where we gather each year to share the only antidote we have for the indifference of consumers overloaded with information - ads, films and campaigns - creativity." 

Here's a review of the campaigns that rocked the 2013 Cannes Lions:

Channel 4 - "Meet the Superhumans"

Agency: 4 Creative London | Country: UK

Awards and categories: Grand Prix in Film Craft | Gold in Film

Procter & Gamble - "Proud Sponsor of Moms"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland | Country: USA

Awards and categories: Gold in Media | Gold in Titanium and Integrated Content

Intel - "The Beauty Inside"

Agency: Pereira & O'Dell | Country: USA

Awards and categories: Gold in Integrated Content and Cyber (Best Copywriting) | Grand Prix in Branded Content and Entertainment, Cyber and FIlm (Internet Series)

Nike - "Find your Greatness"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland | Country: USA

Awards and categories: Titanium in Titanium & Integrated

Google + Hangouts - "Same Sex Marriages"

Agency: Ogilvy | Country: France

Awards and categories: Gold in PR

Dove - "Camera Shy"

Agency: Ogilvy + Mather, London | Country: UK

Awards and categories: Gold in Film

Samsung Life Insurance - "The Bridge of Life"

Agency: Cheil Worldwide | Country: South Korea

Awards and categories: Gold in Promo & Activation (Ambient) | Gold in Promo & Activation (Public Health and Safety) | Titanium in Titanium and Integrated

Leica - "Soul"

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi | Country: Brazil

Awards and categories: Gold in Film Craft (Cinematography)

Coca-Cola - "Share a Coke"

Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago | Country: USA / India / Pakistan

Awards and categories: Gold in Creative Effectiveness | Creative Marketer of the Year

Getty Images - "Life Cuts"

Agency: AlmapBBDO | Country: Brazil

Awards and categories: Gold in Film Craft (Editing)

Dove - "Sketches"

Agency: Ogilvy Brazil | Country: Brazil

Awards and categories: Gold in Branded Content & Entertainment, Integrated Content, Cyber, Film, Media, PR (Social Media), PR (Integrated Campaign), Promo & Activation, Titanium & Integrated | Grand Prix in Titanium & Integrated

Metro - "Dumb Ways to Die"

Agency: McCann Melbourne | Country: Australia

Awards and categories: Gold in Branded Content & Entertainment (Music), Integrated Content, Cyber (Music Sound & Editing, Video, Viral Advertising, Online Video), Direct (Digital Marketing & Social Media, Public Health & Safety), Film Craft (Music), Film (Viral Film), Media, PR (Social Media), Promo & Activation (Social Media, Public Health & Safety) | Grand Prix in Direct, Film, PR, Radio, Titanium & Integrated

This post is part of the Road to Cannes Series.

Pablo Alzugaray talks advertising at the Young Lions Academy

 Pablo Alzugaray

Pablo Alzugaray, advertising superstar, Cannes Lions winner and CEO of Shackleton, provided a Master Class during this year's Young Lions Academy, organized by the team of Cannes Lions in the Dominican Republic

According to Alzugaray, when it comes to advertising, we are in the business of asking ourselves: Who do we want to think what? A brief should be the answer to this question. Our job in advertising is to influence and inspire, not just make ads. So how do we get people to think of a brand in a specific way? The answer to that would be to have the brand behave in that way. Just as in life, our reputation is the result of what we do, not of what we say we are. In essence, what we do and what we don't do is the biggest kind of statement in the world of communications that we could think of.

Here are 5 take-aways from his unforgettable master class:

1) Communicate with facts.

Do. Experiment. Integrate facts and real people in your advertising efforts.

Case: "Experimento Comparte" for Acción Contra el Hambre (Video in Spanish)

2) Think of the "what" before the "how"

Define what you need people to think and then focus on how to construct and deliver your message.

Case: "Miravete de la Sierra" for Conect (Video in Spanish)

3) Be relevant

We work in an industry in which relevance is key if we do not wish to go unnoticed.

Case: "Un equipaje inesperado" for Spaniar (Video in Spanish)

4) Language is the message

Language - visual, spoken or physical - is universal.

Case: "No te rindas nunca" for FSC Inserta (Video in Spanish)

5) The risk is not to risk

More things may be accomplished if we dare to risk with our ideas.

Case: "iJam" for Shackleton (Video in Spanish)

This post is part of the Road of Cannes Series.

(Photos courtesy of Cannes Lions Dominicana.)

Dominican Republic announces Young Marketers representatives for the 2014 Cannes Lions

 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

The race to the 2014 Cannes Lions  has officially begun, and it seems like it was only yesterday when Yasser Mármol and I were getting ready for the opportunity of not only attending, but also representing the Dominican Republic in the Young Lions Marketers Competition.  Inspired by the experience we were about to live, a series under the name of  "Road to Cannes"  was published in order to capture the spirit of what could possibly be considered as the most exciting and mind-bloggling event in the life of an advertising or marketing executive.  

Twelve months and countless posts later, this girl is back and ready for more. As we approach the big day of the festival, the folks of Cannes Lions in Dominican Republic have already started the quest of finding this year's representatives for four of the Young Lions categories: Marketing, Film, Cyber and Design.  In the Young Marketers category, each team of two is asked to produce a brief for a charity or cause and create a product, service or movement based on the topic. The ideas are presented in front of a jury over the course of (and no more than) 5 minutes.

This year's winning duo is Jennifer Terrero and Victoria Feliz, who presented a campaign for the office of the First Lady of the Dominican Republic, under the name of "Programa 360." The proposal included a strategy and plan of action supporting the prevention of domestic violence in all sectors and levels of society. 

Up next is a video on what went down that day. Stay tuned for upcoming posts as the winners of the other categories are announced.

VIDEO: More Than Branding hits Cannes Lions 2013


My first year in Cannes was a special one. How often do you get to go to the advertising world's biggest festival for its 60th anniversary as an attendee, blogger and a Young Lions participant? My guess is not often.  

In spite of the intensity of the week - and when I say intense, I mean having 24 hours to prepare Dominican Republic's Young Marketers entry during the course of those days alongside colleague and friend, Yasser Mármol - but also cover the festival in every possible way for the blog. Camera in hand, I taped everything and photographed everyone I could.

Here's the result. 


Check out my entries from the "Road to Cannes Series." 

*Special thanks to Ernesto Maxwell, for being the most amazing editor this girl could ask for.

Road to Cannes Series: Notes from Cannes Lions 2013


60 seminars. 17 workshops. 30 forums. 10 master classes. 9 techtalks. The Cannes Lions was nothing short of one hectic and fascinating fiesta. From industry gurus, clients, journalists, to even artists - each presentation inspired new ideas through in-depth insights into key issues that influence the creative process across the entire communications industry.

The following PDF presents my notes on some of my favorite presentations during the program.

But first off, here's a brief description of what was each seminar:

"You can't trust Marketers", by Adobe

History has bestowed upon marketers and advertising professionals descriptives such as "masters of manipulation." Not anymore. A new era is upon us, one in which marketers now analyze and prove campaign success in a way that has transformed this professional into one of the most valued partners in the organization. By pushing authenticity in brand management, creativity is at an all-time high.

"Work that Matters", by the Coca-Cola Company 

For 127 years, The Coca-Cola Company's investment in creativity has transformed it to the world's most compelling and successful brand, through the creation of work that has actually made a difference in our world. This commitment to creative value and content is present in everything they do - no matter the country. 

"Every company is a media company: We create media, and then media shapes our lives", by Cheíl

Today, technology plays an fundamental role in how we communicate with each other and brands. But more than anything, in the way we ourselves create content and share it across the globe.  Brands have a golden opportunity to influence consumers no matter the touchpoint, and become, within itself, into a media and entertainment company. Bottom line? Media is everywhere people and ideas meet.

"Iconic storrytelling frame by frame: Annie Leibovitz, Disney and McGarryBowen", by McGarryBowen

Inspired in the "Disney Dream Portraits Series", the folks of McGarryBowen shared the importane of imagery when it came to building this iconic brand.

"Creativity at Scale", by Facebook

In this presentation, the team from Facebook alongside creative genius  David Droga, explored the importance of scale when it comes to creativity.

"Branded Content", by Time Warner

CNN's Anderson Cooper and comedian Conan O'Brien sat down for a one-to-one session on what connects in comedy. By leveraging digial and social media tools, he was able to maximize his brand awareness and engagement with fans through multiple screens.

"The Branded Way: How to make content marketing work for you in the digital age", by Rokkan

Digital and social have forever disrupted the way we create, deliver and measure content in the  marketing world. The team walked us by their creative process and shared insights on content that builds loyalty and awareness, while strengthening connections with consumers. 

So without further ado, here are my notes on the Cannes Lions 2013: