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Super Bowl 2013: The Ads


It's that time of year again. The night in which football and advertising collide. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, "Rates for Super Bowl spots have climbed about 60 percent over the past decade, showing how much marketers value the chance to reach the largest TV audience. Last year’s game had 78 commercials and produced ad sales of $262.5 million..."  

Brands turned to television (and the internet) for football's biggest night,  and spent as much as $140,000 dolars per second for air time - a sum that can only be justified by the number of viewers and online buzz that generates only with an event such as this. Newcomers Oreo and Pistachios shared the spotlight with recurring participants such as Volkswagen and Go Daddy, who spurred up negative remarks due to what some considered as offensive spots.

From fans' submissions for the Doritos and Lincoln ads, to big productions with Kaley Cuoco and Stevie Wonder, this year was all about the pre-game strategy. "Social media has ushered in a new reality for marketers looking to play in the big game, and it’s allowing brands to create deeper narratives, engage fans earlier on and create greater buzz by releasing teasers and assets online before the event.", writes Rae Annfera for Co.Create.

Proving a universal rule: It still pays to pay. 

Ram Trucks - "Farmer"

Taco Bell - "Viva Young"

Audi - "Prom"

Samsung - "El Plato Supreme"


Oreo - "Whisper Fight"

Best Buy - "Infinite Answers"

 Budweiser - "Brotherhood"

Milk Mustache - "Got Milk?"

Lincoln - "#SteerTheScript"

Beck's - Sapphire

Go Daddy - "Perfect Match"

Mercedes-Benz - "Soul"

Volkswagen - "Get in. Get happy."

Toyota - "Wish Granted"

Coca-Cola - "Chase"

Doritos - "Goat 4 Sale"

 Pepsi NEXT - "Party"

Pistachios - "Gangnam Style"


Ad Watch: Toyota, Axe, Evian and Sony Cybershot


Morning, ladies and gents! Sink your teeth into the bold, the ruthless and the (sometimes) genius... here is today's "Ad Watch":

Toyota Aygo

Title: "Cut the cord"

Apparently life would be rough if you still had your umbilical cord. At least that's what Toyota makes us think when these daily activities are interrupted abruptly because of it. The new ad for Aygo, their compact city car, makes an interesting statement: grow up, buy an Aygo and "cut the cord"... Question is, how unsettling is it to watch? All I can say is: "Ouch!"



Title: "Jumpman"

Great visuals and sound come together in an ad that pays tribute to basketball and sports advertising iconography. Total female seduction, a concept that accompanies Axe like the pom-poms on a cheerleader.  An attempt to create an ad with a 'fresh' approach based on an idea that stems from a long-term positioning and a universal phenomena-  Axe's irresistibility.


Title: "Evian Baby Inside"

Evian continues to foster the concept of  'living young', hence associating the brand with babies just as they have done in the past. With music by Uffie, the spot makes an interesting use of editing while adding a touch of diversity, not to mention a creative way of having the babies present in a different manner... But other than that, how much more can we relate both elements with one another?

Sony Cybershot

Title: "Marilyn"

The use of old photography and icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einsten come together for a series of ads that say, "Stories are better panoramic", as is the new claim for Sony's Cybershot camera. Receiving generally good reviews from audiences, the campaign leverages on pictures of historical importance that spark attention and interest amoung its viewers- a clever idea that beats the concept of the unfamiliar and a photo perhaps few would identify or recall.

Title: "Einstein"